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Discovering My Selves

By Kit Robbins

By Kit Robbins

In life, we can have many identities. Our environments shape who we are, especially during our two years here at business school. Thank you HBS for helping me discover my-selves.

My Aldrich Self

  • Has perfected the art of the confident, all-knowing hand raise
  • Wears dark thick-rimmed glasses to up my scholarly intellectual factor
  • Enjoys doodling interpretative drawings of my seatmates

My CPD Self

  • Irons everything
  • Starts every sentence with “Back when I was in consulting…”
  • Has sweaty palms and a floppy handshake (so my Career Coach tells me)

My Spanger Grille Self

  • Always pre-orders a sushi roll
  • Avoids eye contact and walks with intention if I can’t find anyone I know
  • Makes the most of frozen yogurt Fridays

My Instagram Self

  • Drinks, dances, and dinner parties Monday through Thursday
  • Travels to exotic islands (with + without Zika) and puts together a mean cheese platter
  • Repeats weekly and loves any excuse to #tbt #yolo #blessed #lifeathbs

My Cape Cod Self

  • Owns Vineyard Vines boxers — a stamp of a true New Englander
  • Eats lobster for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Gets sunburnt after a long day at the beach

My Iceland Self

  • Dramatically looks out upon scenic volcanic waterfall desert rainforest landscapes
  • Spontaneously laughs while soaking in the Blue Lagoon
  • Wears a Canada Goose and L.L. Bean boots everywhere

My Tinder Self

  • Is looking for a fling
  • Sets my location radius to <1 mile (great for snowy winters)
  • Pretends to have game with flirty text messages (that take 15+ minutes to craft)

My In-Person Dating Self

  • Is looking for something serious
  • Is awkward and nervous no matter how hard I try to play off as cool
  • Wants someone whose smile makes me smile and laugh makes me laugh

We’re all full of jigsaw pieces– just have to figure out how to put the puzzle together.

Kit Robbins is part of Section Z, the best-looking, most politically correct and inclusive section at HBS. Aside from sitting in Spangler drinking coffee and pretending to read cases, Kit does pretty much nothing at HBS. When it’s cold out, you can find Kit wearing flip-flops in the tunnels and stealing/enjoying Chex mix and M&M’s from the i-Lab.


November 14, 2016
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