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The Harbus Guide to Second Semester RC Classes

Nabil Mohamed, Editor-in-Chief

Nabil Mohamed, Editor-in-Chief

Editor in Chief and EC Nabil Mohamed provides an unofficial guide to this semester’s RC classes.

[stag_dropcap font_size=”50px” style=”normal”]C[/stag_dropcap]ongratulations to all the RCs out there. You made it past the “newbie” phase of being here, and now you’re just…here. First semester classes, for better or for worse, probably took you by surprise. But how about now?

When I was in your shoes, I was honestly excited. I felt like Marketing had dragged on forever and couldn’t tell where FRC ended and LEAD began. So as the Spring rambled by, I made mental notes about second semester RC classes:


Great class to show off your “frameworks” and “conceptualizations”. A class where people can say absolutely nothing in a really sophisticated and knowledgeable way. Not one of those classes where you can be like: “I personally think that Eric Peterson was a total A-hole”. Structure is king in this class, and you’ll find all kinds of annoyingly simply Venn diagrams being drawn on the board, with classmates occasionally fancying themselves as Good Will Hunting.

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No better class where you can totally trash the protagonist, insult their intelligence, tear apart the value proposition, and come off as “a true entrepreneur”. Basically, if you’re a maverick this class would be tons of fun for you. Participating in TEM will prove to be a series of occasions where you loudly state your opinion of what not to do while other classmates nod wisely and murmur their consensus on how misguided the protagonist has been so far.

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Long cases, lots of numbers (not to compute, but just to, sort of, casually know by heart. You know, just in case you’re asked about the inflation rate of the Norwegian Krone in an interview), 30,000 ft. view of the world, many (many) assumptions, an alarming number of exhibits, and an incredibly annoying propensity by classmates to oversimplify the complexities of an entire nation. BGIE is one of those classes where anything you claim in a comment is arguably right and debatably valid. It really depends, you see. Oh why can’t they see that it depends?

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FIN1 but with debt.

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This class makes second semester pretty entertaining. Opinions can be so extreme that you’ll occasionally find yourself feeling quite thankful that only Jeff and Rajat made it behind bars and not thousands of others. Only do us all a favor and don’t be that one person who says the outrageous unethical utilitarian thing that nobody (including them) would ever do, just to get good class participation grades for “moving the discussion in an interesting direction”.


February 5, 2015
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