MBA Recruiting Insights from Sydney Kardashian West


Harbus Editor-in-Chief, and Sydney Kardashian West's father, Steve Hind
Steve Hind, Harbus Editor-in-Chief

As the HBS community takes on recruiting season, Sydney Kardashian West, son of Harbus CEO/Editor-in-Chief, Steve Hind (MBA ‘16), and his fiancé, Steph Stojanovic, shares his insights from a one-on-one session with his HBS career coach. Determined to choose the right career trajectory, Sydney was asked the following questions in a self-assessment in hopes of determining what type of job will suit him best. By sharing pieces of his own journey, he hopes to help others get on the right path.


Career Coach: What are three questions you think are important to ask yourself when choosing a career?

Sydney Kardashian West:  1) Under what circumstances do I get peanut butter? 2) What kind of nap / life balance do you offer? 3) Am I a good boy?

CC: What are you ridiculously good at doing? Do you have any precious gifts?

SKW: I will find your electrical cables. And then I will chew your electrical cables. I have shorted the power in my parents’ bedroom at least once.

Sydney Kardashian West®
Photo courtesy of Sydney Kardashian West

CC: What locations are you comfortable living in? What cultures and lifestyles are you drawn to?

SKW: I’m a city dog. I don’t like hiking and I don’t like nature. All I need is a patch of grass to roll in, and a busy urban environment with lot sof food scraps on the ground.

CC: Do you like people?

SKW: I do. But, more importantly, people like me.

CC: Are you more introverted or extroverted? How much teamwork and collaboration do you want?

SKW: I am extremely extroverted. I will throw the mother of all tantrums if I think I’m not getting enough attention. But teamwork? Not so much. If there is a team working for me, that’s fine.

CC: How much money do you want? Will you be able to balance your wants and needs?

SKW: I don’t have to make money-driven financial decisions, because my parents support me. That makes me like most HBS people, right?

CC: What do your friends always tell you you’d be good at? If you don’t remember, ask a few of your friends and tell us what they say.

SKW: My parents say I’m a good boy when I sit, when I come to them, and when I stop chewing the electrical cords.

CC: What type of job wouldn’t make work feel like ‘work’?

SKW: Chief bed snuggler.

Harbus-LogoCC: What do you know that you really want to avoid in your job/career?

SKW: Mirrors. They are *terrifying*.

CC: What are the ‘must haves’ for you in your career?

SKW: Peanut butter, and a team of humans to serve me.

CC: How do you feel when you hear the statement – This is what you’ll be doing for the next 5-10 years?

SKW: That sounds like a lifetime.