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HBS founders launch startup based on deep technical expertise

Harbus LogoRCs Chris O’Neill and Allison Vargas today launched their new startup, ‘Technicly’, an ambitious machine learning data analytics business.

In an interview at Technicly’s launch night, the founders explained their technology offered companies “complex data analysis and evaluation tools that previously cost hundreds of thousands of dollars”.

“We’re excited to be launching today,” Allison said, “This represents the culmination of years of single-minded work. We had to solve several vexing computer science and data theory questions in order to bring this product to market, but naturally we brought deep technical expertise to bear, and eventually we were able to conquer the challenges.”

While the team is yet to take any VC funding, prominent firms are said to be circling. “What excites investors,” said one analyst, “is how Ad going beyond riverbroadly applicable this technology is. This is a business built on a real foundation of know-how, and people are very excited.”

The founders weren’t keen to speculate on what they would do if their project didn’t succeed, but Chris offered one possibility.

“I guess we could pivot and find some minor inconvenience that afflicts privileged MBA students, and then build an expensive service to offer to solve it. We could get some MIT undergrad to build it I guess,” he said.

“You know, like an app that uses Uber to deliver on-demand pizza to your virtual chambermaid… basically we could just do what most HBS startups do,” Allison explained.


April 1, 2015
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