Exclusive: SA Co-Presidents-elect on finding out the news, their vision for the SA, and getting started

Steve Hind
Steve Hind, Managing Editor

 Anya Hayden and Brad Minkow have just been elected as Co-Presidents of the HBS Student Association (SA). Shortly after they were announced as Co-Presidents-elect, The Harbus arranged an exclusive interview.

Steve Hind: Where were you when you found out the news? What was your reaction?

Anya and Brad: We were actually already on the phone together when Linda and Nonso called to share the results. Win or lose, we were happy to run and run together, and we wanted to share that with each other. Our reaction was and continues to be thrilled and thankful. Now the real work starts.

Steve Hind: What is yoSA Pres 1ur first priority upon taking office?

Anya and Brad: Structuring and finding our team! We can’t be successful without a strong and committed one, and there are some key roles we want to add to support our plans, such as a Health & Wellness officer. We’re going to kick off the search within the week — be on the lookout!

Steve Hind: Have you spoken to Aziz and Lynn since the result was announced? Do you plan to offer them the chance to join your executive?

Anya and Brad: The four of us actually communicated shortly after the result was announced. We were are all good friends before the campaign and nothing has changed. We know how much both Aziz and Lynn care about this school, and that’s exactly the type of energy we’re looking for as we form our new Executive Board. We look forward to receiving their input and involvement in the coming year!

Steve Hind: How do you plan on reaching out to students who supported the other ticket?

Anya and Brad: Our slogan throughout the campaign was “1 HBS,” and we would like to move forward as just that. Our Executive Board search is very much open to all students, and we hope it will include representatives from a variety of perspectives. We will, of course, continue our campaign policy of welcoming feedback and suggestions.

Steve Hind: How do you feel about the decision of the student senators not to release the vote totals / victory margin of the election?

Anya and Brad: We are in favor of it. We loved seeing voter turnout at 80% — it demonstrates just how passionate our classmates are about this school. We will do our absolute best to represent every student, regardless of who they voted for.

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