Partner Spotlight: Carolina Baena (ND), Latin Club Partner Rep and Jewellery Designer

By Emily Dohse

Partner Spotlight: Carolina Baena (ND), Latin Club Partner Rep and Jewellery Designer

The Harbus’ partner columnist Emily Dohse profiles another awesome HBS partner. This edition it’s Caro Baena, a proud Colombian, an entrepreneur and a brilliant jewellery designer.

Meet Carolina Baena, partner and wife of RC Daniel Raffo in Section D!  Originally from Colombia, Carolina and Daniel moved to HBS from Miami.  When they found out they would be moving to Boston, Carolina made a conscious effort to embrace the HBS bubble and make SFP her new “tiny neighborhood.”  She’s reports success. “This”, she says of Cambridge, “is home.”

RC Daniel Raffo and Caro Baena
RC Daniel Raffo and RC partner Caro Baena










Beyond embracing her new environment, Carolina has effectively integrated herself into the HBS culture, and is Partner Rep for the Latin Club.  So far, Carolina has been impressed with the HBS experience, as she thought it would be difficult to meet new people as a partner.  But as it turns out, “HBS makes all your plans for you – you actually have to get used to saying no!”

And she must have to say no a lot – Carolina is the busy owner and creator of the company JetLagMode, a fashion, beauty and style website with an online store that sells her handmade fine jewelry.

Caro 4







Graduating with a degree in Industrial Design, Carolina started with a strong foundation in thinking about how things are designed and fit together.  Inspired by her travels around the world and the cultures she has visited, she designs all of her jewelry. Carolina’s pieces are currently sold in Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Australia and the U.S.

Coming to HBS gave Carolina the perfect opportunity to start her business, get out of her comfort zone and enjoy being a couple with Daniel in a new place.  As she says, “we as a couple are the most important thing here.” The next most important things are “her babies,” as she lovingly calls her jewelry collections.

Her collections include jeweled statement necklaces, gold-plated beaded necklaces, necklaces made from fabrics typically used in indigenous dresses in Guatemala with leather detailing, and clutches, also made in Guatemala.

Caro 2







You can check out Caro’s work at, and purchase items via her Etsy shop “JETLAGMODE.” Email her for more info at, or give her a call at (786) 398-1729 for a private viewing of her collections at SFP.   Don’t forget to mark your calendars for 11/28 when will feature it’s first Black Friday sale!

And if you see Caro around campus – be sure to introduce yourself!

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