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Movember’s Most Manly ’Mo’s

By Upasana Unni

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You’ve probably seen the ’staches (or rashes, as the case may be) on campus and wondered why recruiting seems to have turned perfectly nice men into 1970s versions of themselves.

The real reason behind the plethora of Mo Bros is raising awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. This tradition called “Movember” is originally Australian, but has come ashore to the States in recent years and found a place at HBS. Sections run their own fundraising efforts with the support of the WSA’s Manbassadors. At the end of Movember, many sections will hold “Shave-Offs” (where you can bid for a sectionmate to shave his beard or mustache into a requested shape) and other events to raise final donations toward men’s health causes.

Mid-Grow Soiree

Of course, growing a ’mo is not necessary to participate — all ladies and men unable to grow a ’stache can contribute in fundraising and publicizing events like the Mid-Grow Soiree or by donating money to the cause.

But to celebrate the men who are proudly contributing not only their time, but also their facial hair, we have found 10 of the Most Manly ‘Mo’s walking the halls of Aldrich.

May we present….

Name: Wyatt Smith

Section: Old J

Best response to recruiters: I received lots of raised eyebrows over McKinsey celebration weekend in San Francisco, but neutralized those skeptics by asking if they had gotten a prostate exam recently. Awareness raised!

Wyatt Smith - Old J




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Name: Rob Gimson

Section: Old H

Best reaction from friends / family: I think it looks to genuine on me.  People just keep asking me for advice on woodworking and engine trouble.  My wife’s opinion of it changes depending on what kind of food gets stuck in it.

Best response to recruiters: Embrace it!  Allow it to serve as an icebreaker, tell the recruiter about yourself and why you’re participating. Even with the dirtiest upper lipholstery, you can still be professional.  I personally wouldn’t want to work at a firm if, even after explanation, a good old-fashioned cookie duster was the sole reason I was not offered a position.






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Name: Eddie Coates

Section: New C

Best reaction from friends / family: “I’m ready for you to shave that thing so I no longer have to feel like I’m cheating on you when we kiss.” – My wife, Teri.

Best response to recruiters: Own it. Grooming is key. It also makes you look older, which can be a good thing.

Eddie Coates - New C





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Name: Jaime Rodriguez

Section: Old E

Best reaction from friends / family: I call it the “Bruno Diaz” which is the spanish version of Bruce Wayne. Or as my friends say, This is probably the most accurate representation of Batman’s moustache, if Batman were Mexican and had a moustache…”

Best response to recruiters: “And so, just like the Dark Knight rises every night for Gotham City, my Dark Moustache rises every November for men’s health.”

Jaime Rodriguez - Old E





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Name: Prasad Ganorkar

Section: New A

Best reaction from friends / family: People love to come up to me and touch it all the time…I know how pregnant women feel now, having their belly touched by strangers. Luckily, my wife is supportive, or this would never have worked.

Best response to recruiters: Just maintain it. I was nervous at first, but I actually see lots of guys at firms with a beard or stache or something in between.

Prasad Ganorkar - New A





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Name: Sarjan Shah

Section: New F

Best reaction from friends / family: I’ve actually been getting a lot of positive attention from the gentlemen…now if only I could translate that into attention from the ladies…

Sarjan Shah - New F




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Name: Sandy Gil

Section: Old C

Best profound life moment stemming from your ‘stache: The best part of Movember has definitely been what’s it’s taught me. It has accomplished what CPD meetings, company coffee chats, and recruiting treks could not: helped me find my true calling in life. After extensive conversations with friends, family, and total randos, it seems that a mustache makes me look “hide-your-kids” creepy, UNLESS I’m dressed like a hipster. I’ve thus decided to burn my wardrobe, move to Brooklyn, and start afresh as a gourmet coffee barista in a boutique Williamsburg organic coffee house!

N.B. New wardrobe recommendations appreciated.

Sandy Gil - Old C





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Name: Alex Schultz

Section: New D

Best reaction from friends / family: My girlfriend said 3 weeks ago she likes it. She’s quickly changing her tune.

Best response to recruiters: Well, I met a recruiter tonight who is sporting a ‘mo. That made things easy. But seriously, if a company is going to put you on a blacklist for growing a staches to promote a good cause, that’s probably not a culture you want to be a part of.

Alex Schultz - New D





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Name: Dan Kaplan

Section: New H

Best reaction from friends / family: My roommate sent around a photo of me with the caption “WANTED: Have you seen this man?”. I’ve also heard “You look so dirty” and “Stop abusing that caterpillar.”

Dan Kaplan - New H





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Name: Brian Matesic

Section: New F

Best reaction from friends / family: When people ask me “Are you participating in Movember?”, I like to respond….”Umm…What are you talking about?”

Brian Matesic - New F




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And finally, we have to give massive points for effort. Our encouragement award goes to….

Name: Adam Taylor

Section: New I

Best reaction from friends / family: Two and a half weeks in, someone asked me if I was actually growing a ’stache or if I had just forgotten to shave that day.

Best response to recruiters: Wear it with pride and don’t be too self-conscious about what’s on your upper lip…

Adam Taylor - New I


November 24, 2014
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