Heard at today’s WSA conference

Today’s Dynamic Women in Business conference, hosted by the Women Student Association at HBS, continues to be an impressive success. Golden nuggets of advice, quick-witted tips and life-long proverbs speckled thoughtful debate throughout the day.

Over 1,000 young and seasoned well-heeled business women power-networked to discuss healthcare, income-equality, marketing, finance, entertainment and media. Here are some of the top quotes heard at the WSA conference: 

1) “Perception is the co-pilot of reality… Consistently live the adjectives of success in your field.” Carla Harris, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Morgan Stanley. 


2) “Stop carrying everyone else’s sticks! You have to be the hero sometimes.” Christine Day, now CEO of Luvo Inc.


3) “Enforcing hierarchies in organizations makes culture change hard; be flat and work together” John Marron on culture change


4) “It doesn’t matter how cool your message is, if you don’t move revenue, digital marketing will get cut” Terrie Campbell


5) “Acknowledge it is a journey. It’s messy, you’re going to make mistakes,” Steve Stall on engaging men in gender dialogue.


6) “The riskiest thing is to NOT follow your passion” She Enterprises


7) “If you give up and throw a pity party because an investor said “no”, you’re not cut out for this,” SMPLCTLab Founder


8) “One of my early mistakes was being too rigid and structured in career planning; as Steve Jobs said: you connect the dots backward,” Entrepreneurship panelist.


9) “The only way to change the world is to put people to work,” Social Enterprise panelist


10) “Retail is detail. From walking the actual floor to analyzing big data for insights,” Retail panelist


11) “Productivity tip: don’t marry a jerk,” Entrepreneurship panelist


12) “Time is a scarce commodity .. did you spreadsheet that?” Entrepreneurship panelist

By La Keisha Landrum