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April SAMBA awards!

Congratulations to Erin Patten (E), Ana Mendy (OA), Tim Mooney (OI), Kim Chen (I) and Minh Chau (C), recipients of the April SAMBA Award!

Created through a partnership between the SA and MBA Program, the SAMBA Award recognizes unsung students who have had an exceptional impact on the HBS community. These five individuals have demonstrated extraordinary leadership on a variety of fronts and, as a result, have had noteworthy impact on the HBS community.  MBA staff members, the SA, the award recipients and their nominators gathered at a breakfast on April 29 to recognize and celebrate their achievements and contributions to the HBS Community.

Erin Patten is a stand out among the RC class and is someone who brings people together, not just in the immediate groups she is involved in, but rather, across the entire class.  Several people nominated Erin for the SAMBA Award and used phrases such as “strong character”, “humble spirit”, “big force” and “will take anything on” to describe her.  Her initiative during black history month and her countless acts of leadership in AASU have not gone unnoticed and her “can do,” positive attitude in everything she does has impacted so many people.  The HBS Community is very fortunate to have an “Erin” and we know that the imprint she leaves behind at HBS will be noteworthy.

Ana Mendy has made a tremendous impact to the HBS Community and she is receiving this award based on her efforts and performance surrounding the very first LGBTQ Conference.  Anyone who worked with Ana on this front, whether from the student side or administration side, knows the effort she put forth to pull every detail together, and with much organization and attention to detail.  The LGBTQ Conference is notably the first conference to utilize the Hives in Batten and successfully implemented ideation sessions in conjunction to regular conference activities.  Additionally, Ana graciously shared her budget template and workflow documents with the MBA clubs team, which will serve as an optional resource to student conference planners in the future.

Kim Chen and Minh Chau are receiving a joint SAMBA Award for their dedication to service on campus, more specifically to the recent and very successful SA Cares event.  They have worked tirelessly since the fall of their RC year to plan service driven events- both large, such as the new and improved SA Cares, and small, like special events for their sections around park clean up or Movember.  SA Chief Service Officer, Tim Mooney, said “they have brought a fresh perspective to the overall mission of increasing the relevance of community involvement on campus”.  They have been diligent, dedicated, and creative in all aspects of their work and have left a significant imprint in the realm of community service events at HBS.



To further acknowledge dedication to service at HBS, Tim Mooney has gone way above and beyond in demonstrating his commitment to bringing a culture of service to HBS.  He single-handedly led the community service activities during orientation, organized and motivated the RC service representatives in a way that no one has seen in the past, and has successfully executed his vision of service at HBS – something we believe will be ongoing as he moves on.  It is largely because of Tim’s work that SA Cares is now a memorable marquee event for the entire student body.  Tim is fearless and persistent when it comes to community service, and it is this fearless attitude that has allowed him to achieve his goal to create a meaningful link between HBS and the greater Boston community.

Standing around the packed Greenhill  Conference Room visiting with the SAMBA award recipients,  we all felt inspired by what they’ve done to impact the community at HBS.  This community is very fortunate to have this group of students dedicated to inclusivity, innovation and service and it was a great honor to present this award to each of them.

May 23, 2014
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