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Steve Hind


Since I can offer absolutely no insight into making the most of your time at HBS, I thought I would write about student media. The promise of student media is, after all, why I signed up to work on the Harbus this year with Nabil and the team.

Student media isn’t the amateur version of the New York Times or even of Buzzfeed. It is fundamentally different.

While the grey lady towers over us because of her professionalism and independence, student newspapers are a vital part of their community precisely because they are not removed from it.

This means student newspapers are spared some of the pretence of professional journalism. For one, vulgarity and irreverence are much more readily to hand. More importantly writers can only affect, not achieve, journalistic distance. For a student journalist, the campus is both a beat and their home. This heightens the stakes, increases interest, and gives the paper greater potential to make a difference.

Done well, student journalism makes a strength of this and includes as many voices as possible, recognising that the line between journalist and student was illusory to begin with.

Nabil and I want the Harbus to be a platform to share as many of your stories and ideas as we possibly can. We want the Harbus to be part of the conversation on campus – rather than the voice of a few shouting from the corner.

That’s where you can play a part: if you’ve got something to say, we want to provide you with a platform to say it. If you’re interested in writing for the Harbus about anything please get in touch with me. And I do mean anything: album reviews, musings on contemporary theatre, reports on campus talks from business leaders, viewpoints on valuation methods… pitch us!

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in person really soon.


September 8, 2014
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