What’s Black & White & Re(a)d All Over?

The countdown has begun for The Harbus‘ inaugural Black & White & Re(a)d All Over event at CURE Nightclub on February 13th. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the event will be an opportunity to support campus media, dance the night away, and, probably, find true love.

The event will also host the 2013 Most Eligible ECs and RCs as the evening’s special guests. Dates are not expected, but wearing one’s most ambitious combination of black, white and red will be. The Harbus event team is preparing this event to be one of the best nights of the Spring.

Tickets for the event will go on sale at 11:59 PM on Sunday, February 3rd.

In connection with The Harbus’ most popular annual issue, the “Valentine’s Day” issue, the Black & White & Re(a)d All Over party will showcase the winners of the very popular “Most eligible RC and EC” contest.

Why is The Harbus hosting such a dynamite event? “Needless to say, HBS students like to have a good time, and the foremost objective here is to put on a great event where people can have fun,” said Harbus co-Editor-in-Chief Bart Clareman. “Second though, this is an opportunity for students to support the campus newspaper. Everyone knows that the newspaper industry has been embattled in recent years, and we like everyone else in the space have to adapt to that new reality.” Proceeds from the event will support The Harbus, a non-profit news organization.

“We thought it’d be a really great idea to couple our really popular Valentine’s Day issue with a great after-party,” said Harbus co-Editor-in-Chief Kate Lewis. “It’s also a really great time of year to get together with friends, not to mention we’d be raising money for The Harbus, which plays a big role in keeping the HBS community informed about campus issues.”

In summation, perhaps the only reason someone would miss the Black & White & Re(a)d All Over party is because they have a morbid fear of having the time of their life.

For more info, visit us here: Eventbrite - Black and White and Re(a)d All Over Valentine's Party