Welcome to Harvard Business School

As you familiarize yourself with your new surroundings, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to The Harbus.

The Harbus News Corporation is a business run by business school students. We have a P&L, a balance sheet, and a cash flow statement (shout out Analytics peeps!). In addition to the print edition of The Harbus—the HBS community newspaper—we publish the Unofficial HBS Admissions & Interview Guide, 65 Successful HBS Application Essays, and course reviews for EC classes.

In February, we host our Annual Valentine’s Day Party.

We publish our print edition once a month. In the physical paper you will find in-depth interviews with alumni, campus news, student features, opinion pieces, and humor. And because iPads aren’t allowed in the classroom, think of us as your trusty little companion to get you through the RC year.

Harbus.org is updated daily and is your source for the latest and greatest of everything HBS. In blog-like fashion, you will find recaps of speakers that come to campus, updates on student start-ups, results from intramural sports contests, and information from student clubs. We also feature frequent contributions from our beloved columnists.

Perhaps most importantly, we are a non-profit. Through the Harbus Foundation, our charitable arm, we provide grant awards and consulting services to organizations promoting education, literacy, and journalism across the Boston metropolitan area. Each year the Harbus Foundation selects a number of Harvard MBA students to serve on grant committees that dole out these awards to local non-profits (ashley).
In 2013, The Harbus is as alive as ever. In July, we launched our brand new website and increased our social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. We have significantly expanded our well-known Unofficial HBS Admissions & Interview Guide and are in the process of developing a more targeted approach to print and online advertising.
We are building our business and constantly brainstorming new ideas. It’s an exciting time at The Harbus and if you would like to get involved, here’s how:
Join our executive team.The following positions are open to incoming RC students:
• Chief Financial Officer
• Head of Social Media
• Harbus Rep (one per section)
• Write for us.

Becoming a staff writer is an amazing way to interact with the HBS community and its incredible alumni. Last year, Harbus writers conducted one-on-one interviews with the CEOs of Boeing, Pandora, SkullCandy, and many more. Or, if you prefer something a little more personal, apply to be a weekly columnist/blogger for our website.

Again, welcome to HBS. You’re in for an incredible time!