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One Western 451

This column follows the triumphs and tribulations of Spencer, Andrew and Felicity, three housemates in One Western 451, as they navigate the academic year at Harvard Business School.

Andrew, an EC, worked for Deloitte in Phoenix, AZ, his home town. You’d be hard-pressed to find this out, because he talks about his two-month stint at yetanotherecommercesite.com in San Francisco an awful lot. The West Coast also taught him about thick-rimmed glasses, three-day beards, and ‘disrupting’, his favorite word, as in ‘disrupting the cotton bud market’ (his FIELD 3 idea).

Spencer, another EC, grew up in Hell’s Kitchen, which is really the Upper East Side but sounds a touch edgier. Just a touch of edginess is what Spencer is going for: Harvard undergrad, the right finals club, banking at Lazard, impeccable pastel corduroys, his life is ‘basically a dream. But you know, I’m open-minded and I don’t do the trustafarian scene’.

Felicity (‘Flick’) hails from the UK and just moved over to start her RC year. The social frenzy is all a bit overwhelming still, and why do Americans have to bear hug like that all the time?



Spencer walks in, with a bloody nose. His finest suit, the tailor-made one with a threadcount that will make your head spin, is in shreds.

Andrew: Spencer! Are you ok? You look like you were knocked up pretty bad.
Spencer: More importantly my power suit, the one granddad got me for my Deerfield Academy graduation, is ruined. Farewell, old friend. The road to PE ninjadom continues without you.
Andrew: What happened? Did you get between the thundering herd of RCs and a McKinsey company presentation?
Spencer: Barack Obama was speaking in Boston today, seeking to put the healthcare.gov debacle behind him.
Andrew: Why is everyone so hung up on this? Hey Mr President, if you think your website is bad, you should see the Learning Hub. At least the good American people are able to download pdfs when they search for their health insurance.
Spencer: Quite. Anyway, I thought I’d get a baller Instagram shot by climbing onto the Commander in Chief’s shoulders. #whosontopoftheworldnow?. By the time I got up there, struck my best ‘strong jaw and chiseled features’ pose, and my friend was done selecting the perfect sepia camera filter, secret service had tackled me to the ground and my suit was in tatters. #anythingforagoodhashtag

November 18, 2013
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