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Flick: My passport just came back with my visa for Field 2. Accra, here I come!

Spencer: I’m not sure what problems Ghana currently has, but a hundred RCs roaming around with clipboards is about to become one of them.

Andrew: Our Field Partner in Argentina last year asked us to disrupt the laundry powder market, so we rolled out subscription-based distribution of little color samples of Ariel powder. ‘El Birchbox de La Lavanderia’.

Flick: Clearly you should have asked for equity. If Snapchat is valued at $3bn, this could have IPOed at serious money by now…

Andrew: I know, right? And yet here I am, having to ask dad for an extension so that I can go on that helicopter safari in Botswana for J-term.

Spencer: I did that last year. It was sick. I need to show you the Instagram filter I used for my selfies out in the savannah.

Flick: Really? Special Instagram filters for your safari? Why can’t everyone just use social media to stay in touch with their friends and family, rather than broadcast an artificially glamorous version of their life with the right sepia coloring?

Spencer: Actually sepia made my linen shirt looked tired, so I used a light blue hue that really saved my life. The pic only got seven likes in the first hour after I posted it, so I was afraid I’d have to take it down. I edited it with the blue filter and my savannah shot then totally blew through the MILT (Minimum Instagram Like Threshold). #DrLivingstoneIPresume #IsMyLifeAFairytaleOrWhat?

December 9, 2013
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