HBS Students Contribute to Haiyan Relief Efforts

Super-typhoon Haiyan – arguably the strongest tropical cyclone in recorded history – has ravaged the Central Visayas region in the Philippines, flattening the entire city of Tacloban and claiming the lives of thousands of Filipinos.  Nearly 700,000 survivors have been displaced from their homes, utterly desperate for food and shelter.  They are in dire need of help.

As Filipino students and recent alumni of international graduate programs, our hearts have bled these past few days for the plight of our countrymen back home.  We feel strongly that it is our duty and obligation to help get Tacloban back on its feet, in our small way.

With the wrath of Haiyan decimating the houses of countless Filipinos, we believe that the best way to help is by ensuring that they are given back what every person deserves – a place to call home.

“Bahayan,” in Filipino, means “to build a home.”  This is the thrust of our BaHaiyan initiative.  We aim to use the funds we raise to re-build homes for the Filipino families affected, giving them a fresh start.  We know that it will take years before the wounds of Haiyan fully heal, but we see no reason why this journey cannot start now.

Some say that the strength of the Filipino lies in his resilience in the face of tragedy.  We believe that this resilience is borne out of an indomitable solidarity that transcends geographical lines.  We at the BaHaiyan team share this incredible burden with our suffering countrymen, and we humbly ask for your support in helping Tacloban rise from these dark times.

No donation is too small.  Thank you very much for your generosity.

For more information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/supportpinoys

To make donations, please visit: //www.donationto.com/Help-Yolanda-Victims

BaHaiyan contacts: Gina Yu (gyu@mba2014.hbs.edu) or Tricie Angeles (kangeles@mba2014.hbs.edu)