HBS in Love: Peacocking

Having trouble attracting the opposite sex? Maybe it’s your looks. Or more specifically, your “look.”

The term “Peacocking” was popularized by Neil Strauss, author of modern bro-classic “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.” The basic premise is this: take an average looking dude, cover him in ridiculous clothing, throw him in a club, and women will flock to him. Wear something worth discussing and discussion will ensue www.replicaforbest.co.uk, so the theory says. It should be mentioned that there is very little scientific evidence that validates this claim, but if wild speculation and hypothesis-stated-as-fact are enough to make a comment in class, it is enough to write an entire article about.

Don’t be intimidated by the outlandish celebrity peacocking you see on tv. You don’t need to wear a suit made of meat to get noticed. Rather, think less Gaga and more Miley. Yes, MC has demonstrated a new level of WTF, but crazy or not we all talk about her and that’s kind of the goal.

Begin slowly, start from the bottom. A friend of mine wears a ridiculous pair of velvet shoes whenever he goes out. Sure, at the start of the evening we make fun of him for buying direct from Hugh Hefner, but by the end of the night he is surrounded by women who are seemingly aroused by the idea of dating a little bit of the red carpet.

Accessories in general are a great way to grab attention. There was a reason American rappers wore gold chains in the 90s and Canadian rappers still wear them every single day, even when they’re in the house. A watch the size of a small child or sunglasses-all-the-time-always scream success, peculiarity replica breitling Aeromarine , and the right mix of ineptitude and indifference. And that’s what drives the ladies wild.

Peacocking: It’s the only reason to wear a fedora. Ever.

Also, consider mixing and matching clashing styles. Maybe cargo pants and boots on the bottom with an oxford and tie on top. Demonstrate to women that they caught you right between your Jack Bauer and Jack Welch moments. Lucky them. What about an Ed Hardy shirt and a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches? Professor YOLO? I say so. Women can peacock, too. Try starting with leopard print everything. Then, stop there. You’re done. Cat ears after halloween? Orange prison jumpsuit in the club? Believe me, ladies, you’ll turn heads replica breitling bentley 6.75. The best thing about women adopting the trend is that it can lead to the ultra-rare “double peacock,” where a woman in a spanx onesie and a man in a leather skirt can find true love. If you want your very own North West, this is your best shot.

Why wear gray when you can wear “Yay!”? Why go casual when you can go cazzzzual? Take some of these fashion tips and add a little flair on your next outing. Don’t worry, you can thank me later.