Harvard Business School’s Most Eligible

Each year, the Harbus asks each RC and EC section to select their most eligible bachelor and bachelorette to celebrate Valentine’s Day here at HBS.  Our 2013 nominees recently gave us their thoughts on dating, romance, and love.  Below are a few of our favorites.  Head to Harbus.org to see the full list of contestants and vote for the most eligible RC and EC pairs.

Name: Shauna Casey

Section: NA

Best attribute: Being open minded.

Pre-date ritual: I don’t have one, what you see is what you get I guess!

Most romantic spot on campus:  Top secret…need to keep the traffic down or it wouldn’t be romantic anymore.

Most effective pick-up line: Excuse me, I think you have something in your eye.  Nope, it’s just a sparkle.

Dealbreaker in a partner replica watches uk: Taking longer to get ready to go out than me.

Love is ….unexplainable but you’ll know when you’ve fallen into it.


Name: Tedde Tsang
Section: NA replica breitling
Best attribute: I relate to people by trying to make them smile.
Pre-date ritual: Before every date, I always align my operational strategy with my customer promise.
Most romantic spot on campus: Harvard Stadium at night (with the lights off).
Most effective pick-up line: “Want to practice for case interviews?” / “Hi, I think we met during WesTrek.”
Dealbreaker in a partner: If she doesn’t like to argue.
Love is … a two-case day.


Name: Erin Mulligan

Section: NB

Best attribute: My Midwestern charm, Midwestern accent included.

Pre-date ritual: Sipping coffee to be bright eyed, singing to Whitney Houston to put some pep in my step, a date briefing with my friends (sometimes a joke) and two, not one, perfume spritzes (never a joke). And, it’s a ritual that I might be a few minutes late (gotta stick to tradition).

Most romantic spot on campus: The foot bridge between HBS and Cambridge when the sun is setting.

Most effective pick-up line: A tall man saying something cheesy enough to make me laugh (out loud) will get my attention. Did I mention tall?

Deal breaker in a partner: He has to keep me on my toes with his knowledge of college football. Don’t worry that’s a low bar, but don’t be the first to fail!

Love is ….Finding your best teammate.


Name: James Dyett

Section: NB

Best attribute: My section would probably say my neon wristwatches or my loud, delayed-reaction laugh. I

Pre-date ritual: Brush my teeth. Watch youtube clips of The Notebook. Fifty pushups. Tebow for five. Go time.

Most romantic spot on campus: Weeks footbridge or top of Harvard Stadium – incredible view.

Most effective pick-up line: The one and only Teddy Chestnut (EC Section C) met his wife with a pick up line asking her which peanut butter she prefers, “Skippy or Jiff?”

Dealbreaker in a partner: If she is a better dancer than I am.

Love is ….Springsteen has the answer to this one. When you’re in love with someone, you want to “guard [their] dreams and visions.” I think that sums it up.


Name: Lorraine du Peloux de Saint-Romain

Section: NC

Best attribute: My Pink Panther accent.

Pre date ritual: Switching off my phone (or losing it)

Most romantic spot on campus: The roof of Cumnock (try to localize the trap door in advance).

Most effective pick-up line: Maybe I could cook for you one day?

Deal breaker in a partner: If he starts picking off my plate.

Love… might be Italian or Swiss. Or both.


Name: Ivan French

Section: NC

Best attribute: Sideburns

Pre-date ritual: Have a good breakfast prepared for her for next day

Most romantic spot on campus: Skydeck, Aldrich 109

Most effective pick-up line: There is something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn’t have your number in it.

Dealbreaker in a partner: classism

Love is …. A temporary insanity curable by marriage


Name: Angela Amos

Section: ND

Best attribute: My candor

Pre-date ritual: Take my dog for a walk

Most romantic spot on campus: Woodberry Poetry Room in Lamont Library (across the river)

Most effective pick-up line: Surprise me

Dealbreaker in a partner: A disrespectful attitude

Love is…a gift from God.  Our task is to share this gift to bring out the best in others and in ourselves.


Name:  Sameer “McLovin'” Kalwani

Section: ND-licious!

Best attribute: My super awesome instant ramen cooking skills

Pre-date ritual: Sometimes, when I get nervous, I stick my hands under my armpits and then I smell them (Not serious, SNL love!)

Most romantic spot on campus: My arms…

Most effective pick-up line: I don’t need no pick-up line. My eyes do the magic.

Dealbreaker in a partner: smoking (not “smoking hot”)

Love is …. present when you can fart in front of one another without hesitation



Name: Diane Chang

Section: NE

Best attribute: my dance floor moves

Pre-date ritual:  a quick look in the mirror

Most romantic spot on campus: spangler couches, under the watchful eye of …everyone in spangler

Most effective pick-up line: On me? “Ex cash, Netflix is like 7% EBITDA.”

Dealbreaker in a partner: Someone who experiences moments solely for instagram purposes




Name: Danny Samit

Section: NE

Best attribute: Movie projector in dorm room. Worst attribute: Live in dorm room.

Pre-date ritual: I power pose in a Wonder Woman outfit. Google it. It’s science.

Most romantic spot on campus: CPD office. There’s nowhere Wilder.

Most effective pick-up line: “What’s an 800 pound polar bear?�� (pause) “A good icebreaker. Hi, I’m Danny.” (Note: Use 363 kg when approaching internationals.)

Dealbreaker in a partner: Is a zombie or doesn’t like dogs.

Love is …. never having to say you’re sorry.



Name: La Keisha Landrum

Section: X

Best attribute: My personality! And, my smile…

Pre-date ritual: Shower?

Most romantic spot on campus: The foot bridge, 3 AM

Most effective pick-up line: Hey, wanna go to the Kong with me?

Dealbreaker in a partner: If he isn’t spiritual, he

Love is …. a canoe, Chardonnay and Pandora set to Modern Jazz Quartet



Name: Vlad Leytus

Section: NF (is for phenomenal)

Best attribute: It’s really hard to pick just one.  People love me for my hand-raising technique, stylish name-brand clothing, athletic prowess, and many other fantastic attributes.  But, if I had to choose just one, I’d say humility

Pre-date ritual: Usually I floss, do one handed push-ups and jumping jacks, and say a series of self-affirmations, all while listening to “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly on repeat

Most romantic spot on campus: Aldrich 11, Skydeck, 5th seat from the left

Most effective pick-up line: “I got a 2 in FIN 1, so I’m pretty intelligent”

Dealbreaker in a partner: When a girl is clueless about how to leverage our synergies

Love is … glove with a spelling error. You should be more careful with your proofreading


Name: Elizabeth Gill

Section: NF

Best attribute: Initially, I only signed up for zumba classes because I heard Vlad went all the time. But now I’ve actually gotten pretty good at it.

Pre-date ritual: Technically Vlad hasn’t asked me out yet. But I’ve been getting ready for it for a while now… I usually check his Facebook profile for updates and make sure I memorize his class card for conversation starters.

Most romantic spot on campus: Aldrich 11, Skydeck 5th seat from the left

Most effective pick-up line: “Hi, I’m Vlad and I got a 2 in finance”

Dealbreaker in a partner: Having a name that doesn’t rhyme with Schladimir Shleytus

Love is …. waiting for me as soon as Vlad reads this profile.


Name: Martin Vaivods

Section: NG

Best attribute: an ambiguous foreign accent

Pre-date ritual: cooking dinner

Most romantic spot on campus: an eligible lady deserves better than the campus

Most effective pick-up line: “Please step away from the bar – you’re melting all the ice!”

Dealbreaker in a partner: an interest in astrology

Love is when differences make no difference



Name: Jackie Rogers

Section: NG

Best attribute: my brooke shields eyebrows

Pre-date ritual: a glass of wine and picking the perfect pair of high heels (oh, and online stalking my date)

Most romantic spot on campus: do you mean the burrito line at the grille?

Most effective pick-up line: Aren’t you the guy I’m supposed to buy a drink?

Dealbreaker in a partner: no interest in astrology

Love is… best when it catches you by surprise.



Name: Ben Faw

Section: NH (Honey Badgers!)

Best attribute: Sense of humor – funnier than most

Pre-date ritual: Surfing when possible – when in New England I imagine Hawaii and surfing and instead lift weights or swim

Most romantic spot on campus: Shad hall (Free-weights room to be specific)

Most effective pick-up line: “Let’s dance” –when no music is playing and no other people are dancing

Dealbreaker in a partner: sedentary lifestyle

Love is ….the stuff that I stayed up late hearing my parents read about when I was younger – the same stuff that caused some of my friends to get married – that heart racing feeling like a cold-call when my mind has wandered to Neptune – and the long walks on the beach I will keep on dreaming about!


Name: Morgan Samet

Section: NH

Best attribute: I’ve been told I’m saucy…

Pre-date ritual: Avicii

Most romantic spot on campus: Wherever Christian Bjelland is.

Most effective pick-up line: “Heyyyyyyyyyy” (50% of the time, it works every time)

Dealbreaker in a partner: Girls in flats.

Love is ….who you want to be left with you when your day is done.



Name: Sarah Cannon

Section: NI

Best attribute: I’ve been told I have very little rhythm but a lot of soul.

Pre-date ritual: Google search.

Most romantic spot on campus: Radcliffe Sunken Garden.

Most effective pick-up line: So you think you can dance?

Dealbreaker in a partner: A lack of interest in traveling overland from Cairo to Cape Town.

Love is… honesty.



Name:  Prince Idichand

Section:  NI

Best attribute:  Smile

Pre-date ritual:  Wink in the mirror

Most romantic spot on campus:  Harvard Way during the spring in the evening

Most effective pick-up line:  Write your number on a napkin, walk up to a girl and say, “Here, you dropped my number.”

Deal-breaker in a partner:  Closed-mindedness

Love is:   When you can truly be yourself without concern for how you appear in front of the other person because you know that they accept who you are – and that you can reciprocate this acceptance.


Name: Prita Kumar

Section: NJ

Best attribute: My Beer Pong Shot

Pre-date ritual: Obviously not putting on makeup, because this beauty is all natural.

Most romantic spot on campus: Spangler Sushi Line.  I am a woman of luxury.

Most effective pick-up line: Let’s tear up the dance floor!

Dealbreaker in a partner: Guys who can’t tear up the dance floor.

Love is … a battlefield (Jordan Sparks version, not Pat Benatar)


Name: Raamin Mostaghimi

Section: NJ

Best attribute: Ability to go from clean-shaven to caveman beard in under the time it takes to get through airport security

Pre-date ritual: Emailing my date links to Ted-centric episodes of How I Met Your Mother to lower expectations

Most romantic spot on campus: 3rd floor of the Kong. Wait, that doesn’t count as on campus? Then 2nd floor of the Kong.

Most effective pick-up line: If any of them worked, would I be in this competition?

Dealbreaker in a partner: Standards

Love is: Taking the time to color-code assumption cells in the FIN model you send to discussion group



Name: Anna Yoon

Section: OA

Best attribute: my smile

Pre-date ritual:  dance party in my room and/or glass of scotch – depends on the date

Most romantic spot on campus: walking path in front of Baker Library (close to the river), at night when the library’s lit up

Most effective pick-up line: was asked out recently via a funny rap that the guy had written – made me laugh, so I said yes

Dealbreaker in a partner: having no rhythm

Love is …. precious and special. “It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” (what can I say? I’m a closet romantic :P)


Name: Amir Rouzrokh

Section: OA

Best attribute: Friendly

Pre-date ritual: Two-hour nap

Most romantic spot on campus: Hamilton lounge (has a nice grand piano!)

Most effective pick-up line: Just walk over, say hi and start a conversation… pick-up lines are stupid!

Dealbreaker in a partner: Must have a GREAT sense of humor.

Love is …. rare!



Name: Kerri Williams

Section: OB

Best attribute: Extensive pop-song lyric knowledge.

Pre-date ritual: GCL- Gym, Case, Laundry.

Most romantic spot on campus: 6 SFP 612.

Most effective pick-up line: The Grille’s made-to-order sushi.

Dealbreaker in a partner: Mustaches & Mullets. Count me out.

Love is …. Sharing a twin size bed.



Name: Amol Shah

Section: OB

Best attribute: Natural tan

Pre-date ritual: Sing the EuroChamp anthem…(remember the best marketing case?)

Most romantic spot on campus: The foot bridge, especially around the sunset

Most effective pick-up line: Hey! (with smile)

Dealbreaker in a partner: Smoking

Love is ….overrated



Name: Brooke Boyarsky

Section: OE

Best attribute: Sense of humor

Pre-date ritual: The two B’s: Bathing and Bolton (Michael).

Most romantic spot on campus: The tunnels. How can you beat sub-zero temperatures, inconsistent lighting and a labyrinth-like layout?

Most effective pick-up line: Wait, you’re THAT Brooke? Want to hit up a Mavericks game?

Dealbreaker in a partner: Not loving sports or Texas. Both are indefensible.

Love is …. willingly giving up the last pudding.



Name: Andrew Stein

Section: OE

Best attribute: My eyebrows

Pre-date ritual: Rapping with The Sugarhill Gang to Rapper’s Delight

Most romantic spot on campus: Aldrich 11

Most effective pick-up line: “I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal.”

Dealbreaker in a partner: Being unapologetic

Love is … all around. I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.



Name: Matt Bornstein

Section: OG

Best attribute: Great hair

Pre-date ritual: Bad music at high volume.. and trying to find a date

Most romantic spot on campus: Baker at night

Most effective pick-up line: “I am the white Jason Bae”

Dealbreaker in a partner: Ego

Love is… My section nominating me for this article.  Thanks guys!



Name: Pamela Sud

Section: OG

Best attribute: my looks, my personality, my modesty

Pre-date ritual: ice shots of champagne (liquid courage)

Most romantic spot on campus: Spangler salad bar line between the tofu and the quinoa

Most effective pick-up line: “Is that quinoa on your plate?”

Dealbreaker in a partner:  “What do you MEAN you don’t like quinoa?”

Love is …. holding someone’s hair back



Name: Stephanie Swingle

Section: OI

Best attribute: I laugh a lot – but it’s usually at myself, so I think my friends are my best attribute. They motivate me to see the best in people, they make me an overall happier and more confident person, and they definitely make me look better by association!

Pre-date ritual: Unabashedly jamming out to Jay-Z, SHM, and/or Taylor Swift while “getting ready” (and subsequently losing track of time because, well, I throw a pretty awesome one-woman dance party)

Most romantic spot on campus: The foot bridge. Or the JFK bridge. Or even the cab stand… when it comes to a romantic moment, any spot that leads away from campus is probably a good bet!

Most effective pick-up line: “I agree, Kong food is totally underrated…”

Dealbreaker in a partner: A missing sweet tooth – I love to bake, and a girl can only handle so much rejection!

Love is: a gift… and an adventure.


Name: Aris Theologis

Section: OJ

Best attribute: My jokes.

Pre-date ritual: 7 push ups. Because I get swoll. But not too swoll.

Most romantic spot on campus: Sitting on the old carpeted floor of my SFP apartment leaning against the radiator for back support.

Most effective pick-up line: HBS.

Dealbreaker in a partner: Doesn’t respond to text messages in a timely fashion.

Love is ….like an LL Bean fleece. It embraces you in its warmth and dependability and never lets you down.

February 11, 2013
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