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Boston’s new StartUp- Achvr

AchvrLast month, the Harbus had the privilege of sitting down with Ryan Traeger (CEO) and Drew Watson (CMO) to find out more about their new start-up, Achvr – a social platform that’s all about helping people live happier, more-fulfilled lives. Available online and through an iPhone app, Achvr works by applying familiar game mechanics to fifteen categories of life, including arts & culture, food & drink, sports and travel. Users’ real life goals and experiences are paired with the motivational aspects of gaming and social influence to inspire them to try new things. Through social connections, users can share, collaborate and even compete with friends to achieve their goals.

Flash back to Ryan’s second year of business school, where the reality of post-MBA life loomed and he had to seriously evaluate what was important to him. Suddenly, he had the idea to gamify life – not just one aspect of life, but all of it. Drew, his college friend and now Achvr CMO, was the first person he called. By the end of the conversation, they both were convinced that people needed a well-integrated, digital way to manage lifetime goals in a way that was both fun and connected.

Ryan took the next semester to flesh out his idea, and made the process a part of his course work. When he graduated, he started Achvr full-time and hasn’t looked back. Over the past year, he raised $1.25 million in seed money to expand Achvr’s web and mobile platforms, and the organization now has seven full-time employees.

With over 10,000 “achievements” in the Achvr system today, users have the unique ability to discover experiences they didn’t even know they wanted to have. In fact replica breitling bentley 6.75, it’s that feeling of serendipity that Achvr is really trying to tap into. Through social connections within Achvr, users learn which of their friends have similar goals. It could be something as simple as visiting Boston or trying a new Thai restaurant, or more ambitious like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Achvr then connects those goals with businesses that provide the service you are looking for www.replicaforbest.co.uk. This is done through partnerships with over 25 different affiliate networks like Groupon, Living Social, Gilt Groupe, etc. You give Achvr information on what you want to do, and they try to help you do it.

In this way, Achvr is more than a digital bucket list. Achvr offers ideas on things to do across every category of life – even watching a TV series like The Wire or seeing a Broadway musical like The Book of Mormon. These activities probably wouldn’t make it on anyone’s traditional bucket list replica breitling Aeromarine , but they are certainly meaningful pop-culture experiences to enjoy. This is yet another way Achvr works as a motivator. The psychology behind it is: as you do more of the relatively easy to achieve experiences, your brain will be primed to accomplish bigger goals. Which brings us back to what Achvr is all about in the first place: trying to help people shift their focus to new experiences across all of life.

December 2, 2013
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