Afternoon at Alton Lane

Last week, the Harbus along with Marc Pierre (OG) chatted with Chris Cuozzo, the director of Alton Lane’s Newbury Street showroom.

When the team arrived, there was no signage on the store. It’s a second floor secret!!

The second floor showroom was visually stunning: faux zebra rugs on deep wooden floors met exposed brick walls and pictures bursting with color. It was the whole bit (and see the photo gallery for more).
Chris Cuozzo, director of the Boston store, was on hand to give us the Alton Lane treatment.
First we were treated to drinks at the bar (Sam Adams is regularly on tap but they do have a fully stocked bar). After tapping away each detail of Marc’s fabric preferences on his iPad, Chris pulls out a fabric book for Marc that is filled with close to one hundred fabric choices, each of which was elaborate (and overwhelmingly gorgeous) and helped him select one.
After Marc settled on a fabric, Chris introduced him to, “the details,” which included the lining, piping, buttons, pocket style, vents and the optional monogram. And, this was just for the suit.
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Next, Chris asked about height, suit size off the rack, etc then took Marc to their full body scanner, which took 30 seconds to produce a 3D picture of Marc’s body to make sure his suits would be tailored to perfection. By the end of the showroom experience, Marc got why Harvard Business School was invited to tour. As we left the building, we knew we would all have to come back. Go ahead. Call Chris and tell him the Harbus sent you!

More on Alton Lane replica breitling Aeromarine :
It was started four-and-a-half years ago in New York, by Colin Hunter and Peyton Jenkins. Their vision was to create customized suits worthy of Saville Row but more affordable.
It is by appointment only, and they are also open to hosting private fitting events on their second floor locale Once the fitting is done, it takes about four to six weeks to mail the suit, custom, of course.  You can make an appointment at Alton Lane.