Valentine’s Day is Here – Don’t Be a Tryhard

Fashion shoesSo Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you have started to stress about what to wear for the big date night. All the magazines tell you to wear something red or pink and uber-feminine, but does anything scream more “OMG, I am so glad it’s Valentine’s Day, I have been waiting for this day all year and please love me forever” than wearing something so blatantly Valentine’s Day? In my humble opinion – no.

I suggest opting for something far more subdued and refined – like a classic sheath dress or a skinny jeans and blazer combo? The red and pink accents should be kept to the accessories – such as magenta heels or a red headband. Since Valentine’s Day is such a tryhard (1) holiday in and of itself, I think its tryhardness should be offset by an ensemble that says “pretty, but caaj” (2) or “I look pretty, but put minimal effort into tonight.” All those in the fashion know are privy to the little secret that the outfits that are the most seemingly caaj actually require the most thought.

So let’s start thinking. Were you the tryhard Valentiner last year because you didn’t have this trusty column to turn to in your moment of fashion paralysis? Don’t worry, you can make up for it this year by surprising your date or your friends (this column is for single people as well – they’re people too!) with an impeccably styled, but low-maintenance seeming outfit. Black sheath dress with magenta heels replica breitling Aeromarine ? Check. Dark grey skinny jeans, white V-neck t-shirt, black blazer, and red headband? Check. Perfectly feminine, pink fairy-princess dress with flaring, chiffon, and bow? Please leave it at home this year. Keep hair look natural and touchable and opt for an “enhanced” makeup look that allows your natural face to shine through, rather than a full-on new face (nee mask).

1 – tryhard

verb, noun, adjective

to obviously try very hard to achieve a certain look; to put in too much effort in a way that is easily detectable

2 – caaj


the antonym of tryhard; casual, laid-back, (seemingly) effortless

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