Getting Hot in Hanover: HBS’s Sexiest Join other B-Schools for the Tuck Winter Carnival

The weekend of February 24, 20 brave HBS students and partners travelled 130 miles to Hanover, NH to join 15 other business schools for the annual Tuck Winter Carnival.

Although a late start from Boston stretched the drive to 4 hours for some of the team, others arrived on time for the Welcome “TuckTails” (the Tuck equivalent of TGIF) to watch some of American’s finest b-school students strut the runway for the 80s ski gear fashion show. Beer, pretzels, chili, and other delicacies filled our stomachs as we moved the party to Whaleback Mountain, a ski resort located minutes from the Dartmouth campus. The facilities were no match for those that the EC’s enjoyed at Breckenridge over Presidents Day, but the degree of “networking” that occurred among students from across the country put anything you witnessed at the Carnaval party to shame.

The next day, we banded together in tuxedo shirt uniforms to show our ski/snowboard racing, hot dog eating, and boat racing prowess in the competitive segment of the weekend Unfortunately we didn’t match up to the other b schools in these feats of non-academic strength, but had an amazing time and racked up a great candle pin bowling score during the closing ceremony at Upper Valley Lanes & Games in White River Junction, VT (yes, we even went to Vermont). We left the weekend with not only bellies full of free beer, but also a lot of great new friends and memories. RCs, an important word of advice – do it next year.


What did we learn this weekend?

  1. Business school students are really good at business and dressing in 80s ski gear but for the most part pretty average at skiing, eating, and boating (with some notable exceptions).
  2. WOW, Hanover really is in the middle of nowhere and it really can snow there!
  3. Wearing ski suits to a party is really helpful when you’re stuck outside in the cold waiting for a ride home. Remember this next time you go to a party at Venue and foresee yourself searching for a Boston cab at 2am.
  4. You can succeed by failing. One of our team members skipped the ski race after waking up on the floor of the Tuck Career Development Office on Saturday morning, but was presented with a “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the closing banquet.
  5. Finally, and most importantly, it is REALLY fun to hang out with other b schools and there should be more weekends that bring students across the country together. We should at least have a stronger representation at Tuck next year.
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March 2, 2012
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