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Television Talk: Highlights of the Fall Line-Up

People here are fond of saying “I don’t have time to watch TV.”  Those people are lying. With this many awesome new shows to watch, how could you not be tuning in?! Just in case, though, here’s a quick rundown of some of the best new shows out there.


Two words: Must. See.  Don’t like country music? Doesn’t matter. The show may be centered around country singers, but the action isn’t. If love triangles, political scandals, and drama are your thing, Nashville is your show. Hayden Panettiere is devilishly satisfying as the young star with a bad attitude, and Connie Britton is compelling as an aging but entertaining star. The best part is that the music doesn’t interrupt the story, it complements it.


Now here’s an unexpected hit. This is a show about Sherlock Holmes…that sentence alone should send viewers running. Yet as gimmicky as it sounds, somehow CBS got it right. Jonny Lee Miller nails it as an intelligent and quirky crime consultant. And I know I’m not the only who’s ecstatic that Lucy Liu is back in action. Giving Holmes a female counterpart was genius – Liu makes a great Watson.

The Newsroom

If you watch nothing else this season, please, PLEASE watch this show. It is smart, engaging, and incredibly thought-provoking. The Newsroom has a liberal slant so if that’s not your thing, you may be annoyed. But if you love Aaron Sorkin you’ll find the writing on this show to be SPECTACULAR. Jeff Daniels plays a news anchor disenchanted with the state of journalism. He lashes out about politics, foreign policy, pop culture and everything else to anyone who will listen (including his millions of viewers). It’s fantastic. Oh and for you Law and Order fans (which is all of us, right?) – Jack McCoy  (aka Sam Waterson) is absolutely brilliant in his role as Charlie Skinner.  He straddles the line between amusing drunkard and engaging journalist, and never misses a beat. Seriously – find the first season on iTunes, watch it, and find a friend with HBO for season two. You’ll thank me later.


Emily VanCamp is the sexiest angry woman you’ll ever have the pleasure to watch – she serves up her revenge with cold eyes and piping hot sultry ness. And Madeleine Stowe, who plays her bitter enemy, literally emanates hatred with every one of her calculated smiles.


Black women everywhere rejoice – we’ve got ourselves a mainstream hit featuring a strong, smart, likeable black female character! Kerry Washington sizzles as a ‘crisis fixer’ – she’s incredibly tough on the outside but has a very soft interior (she cries practically every episode…). And her relationship with the White House is both grossly inappropriate and immensely satisfying. The show is instantly addictive, and the first season is only 7 episodes, so go catch up!

November 27, 2012
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