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Cold Call Interview Series: Nate Leung (HBS 2013, NI)

Nate Leung (NI)

Cold calls.  Your professors love them.  You fear them.  Your ed rep crushes them.  We think it’s about time that this HBS staple gets the rebranding it deserves www.replicabestsale.co.uk.  Each week, The Harbus will chat with a randomly-selected member of the student body.  First up is Nate Leung (NI), who sat down with The Harbus’ C. Patrick Erker to talk Hunger Games vs. Harry Potter, Ultra, and the perfect night out in Harvard Square.

CPE: We’re in March now. We’ve had a semester and a half of classes. What are your thoughts on the overall HBS experience?

Nate: It’s definitely more work than I thought and definitely more fun as well.  Love the people, made some good friends and love being involved in all aspects of student life cartier roadster replica.

CPE: We’ve got two months left. Do you have any concrete goals for what you want to get done in those last two months?

Nate: I want to learn some Portuguese. I’d like to meet one new person a week. Either have coffee, dinner, drinks, or lunch with one new person a week.

CPE: That’s a good goal, I should probably do that too. You were in Miami last weekend at Ultra? Tell me about it.

Nate: It was tiring, dirty, and a lot of fun.

CPE: Did you feel like HBS folks fit in in that environment?

Nate-It’s pretty easy for HBS folks to fit in because the age ranges from 18 to mid-30s and 40s. HBS students like to have fun, like music, like to dance – it’s perfect.

CPE: Was there a DJ you went to see?

Nate: I would say that Avicii and Justice were the ones I was most excited about on Saturday. We had a little surprise from Madonna, Madonna popped out with Avicii, which was really cool.

CPE: In section, we learned that you are the owner of 16 pairs of jeans. Tell the HBS community something about you that they couldn’t learn from your classcard?

Nate cartier santos 100 replica: I read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi. I read at the hot tub in the gym. I try to spend 10-15 minutes maybe three times a week doing that.

CPE: Another thing I found out about you, through some inside sources, was that you’re a Harry Potter fan. Can you confirm that?

Nate: (Laughing) I call myself a major Potter-head.

CPE: How does this play out?

Nate: (Excitedly going to his shelf to pull off various Harry Potter memorabilia) Let me show you what I have. Not only do I have the full collection of books and DVDs, and a wand and glasses, I have peripheral books such as The Tales of Beetle Bard, which is a book referenced in the books, Quidditch Through the Ages, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I have been to the Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, and I have a major crush on Emma Watson.

CPE: Naturally. If you could date Emma Watson or be Harry Potter, which would you choose (assuming they’re mutually exclusive).

Nate: The thing about being Harry Potter is that the weight of the world rests on your shoulders; it’s so much pressure. But you’d actually get to do magic… (long pause)… But I’d date Emma Watson. Being Harry Potter is too much responsibility.

CPE: So I assume you’ve seen all the movies / read all the books?

Nate: Actually I stopped reading after the fifth one because I got a Kindle and they’re not available on Kindle. But I have them in paperback ready to be read, once I get through cases.

CPE: Related to Harry Potter, on a scale from 1-10, how familiar are you with the plot of The Hunger Games?

Nate: Very. I read the three books over winter break and just saw the movie last Thursday.

CPE: How does it stack up to Harry Potter?

Nate: Not even close. Very good, but not even close.

CPE: What are you up to this summer?

Nate: I am going to work for an eCommerce start up in Brazil founded by an HBS alum.

CPE: You met them on FIELD excursion right?

Nate: Yes, and through an HBS connection.

CPE: How’s your bracket doing?

Nate: I don’t have a bracket this year. I missed basically all the regular season, so would be completely uneducated. Also, no one in our section organized one!

CPE: I’ve heard you’re a fairly social person. If you had to lay out a perfect night in Harvard Square, what would it entail?

Nate: It would be sake bombing at Shabu-Ya followed by plans to go to Tommy Doyle’s that get foiled by the Kong. At the Kong, starting on the second floor, going to the third floor, and ending on the first floor.

CPE: If you were elected mayor of Cambridge, what’s the first thing you’d do?

Nate: I’d give a tax incentive for late-night restaurants—or food trucks.

CPE: And what would you encourage to be sold at these trucks?

Nate: A taco truck would be great. Also some Asian street food. I would want Flower to come to Cambridge too. It’s a bakery slash sandwich shop started by a Harvard alum.

CPE: What question do you wish I’d asked you?

Nate: What’s your FIELD3 team doing?

CPE: Well Nate, what is your FIELD3 team doing?

Nate: We’re selling student-life and culture related memorabilia like t-shirts, mugs, sunglasses, etc. Check out failedbusinesstrack on Facebook!

April 4, 2012
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