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Street Style at HBS

Tyra Banks may have been the most well-known, fashionable student to grace our campus in recent years; yet, every day many of her lesser-known classmates express their diverse fashion styles while strutting the runways of Spangler and Aldrich. Here are just a few of HBS’s own fashionistas.

Street Style - Lynn Yu

Street Style – Lynn Yu

Lynn Yu, NG (pictured in See by Chloe dress, Wolford tights, Lanvin flats) Mary: What did you do before HBS? Lynn: I worked in the Consumer & Retail Investment Banking Group at Goldman Sachs. Then I worked in M&A at Michel Dyens, an investment bank in Paris which focuses on luxury goods and retail. At Michel Dyens we shared the same street as Valentino and other high-end designers who were also our clients, so everyone in my office was always super well-dressed.  A certain dress code was expected. Mary www.replicabestsale.co.uk: Do you think there should be a dress code at HBS? Lynn: (Laughter) A lot of girls here dress very well; but, maybe there should be less sweatshirts and sweat pants. On the first day of school everyone was well-dressed because Frances told us we had to; but, it went downhill afterwards. Mary: Were you the female student in the RC class who was revealed to own over 30 pairs of jeans in the Marketing projection bias survey? Lynn: No, oh no. I like them on other girls. But I have maybe five pairs as I pretty much wear them at the airport or during finals season. Mary: Heels or flats? Lynn: Heels make me feel more confident, feminine, and also alert because when I wear heels I have to pay attention about where I’m going. So, if I don’t want to drink much coffee, I wear heels. I also wear them during phone interviews. Mary: What was your most recent fashion splurge? Lynn: It actually happened last night. I bought a pair of Jimmy Choo flats in an Oxford loaf style that are kind of glittery. Mary: Speaking of glitter, do you ever wear glitter on your eyes or stockings ripped all up the side? Lynn: Glitter on my eyes sometimes, but my stockings are always black and muted since I wear dresses mostly. Mary: Ok, so clearly Ke$ha is not your favorite fashionable celebrity. Who is? Lynn: Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s in her 30s but she still takes risks and pulls off avant garde dresses with grace. I loved when she wore the whole version of the Tom Ford cape-and-gown set dress at the Oscars and she wore emerging designer Anthony Vaccarello’s asymmetrical dress on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

Street Style - Jim Keurscher

Street Style – Jim Keurscher

Jim Keurschner, NB (pictured in Carolina Herrera bowtie, Yves Saint Laurent shirt, H&M sweater, Helmut Lang jeans, 80’s vintage bracelet from his uncle, Yves Saint Laurent boots) Mary: What did you do before HBS? Jim: I worked in sales and merchandising for Carolina Herrera in New York City. Mary: How cutthroat is the fashion industry? Is it more cutthroat than getting into HBS cartier roadster replica? Jim: (Laughter) It depends on the company and it can be very cutthroat and nonsensical in terms of who succeeds and who doesn’t; but, there are also very wonderful people. If you fit in, you fit in; if you don’t, you find out pretty quickly. Mary: Does every guy ask you for fashion advice because you used to work for Carolina Herrera? Jim: A lot do, but I also don’t know if it’s because of her or because I wear a lot of bowties. Mary: Can you tell me about the bowtie you are currently wearing? Jim: It’s a silk, file, pansy-print bowtie that was made for me by Carolina Herrera. It came from a collection a couple of seasons ago and it’s the only one that exists. Mary: You’re also wearing an interesting button-down shirt underneath your sweater? Jim: It’s a pullover shirt with a cross-over hidden pocket made by Yves Saint Laurent. Mary: How tall are you? Jim: 6’3”. Mary: Um… how do you find clothes? Jim: You just have to find a couple of brands that work for you and go back to them over and over again. Online shopping also makes things easier. Mary: What item in your closet, if ruined by Scorpion Bowl juices, would make you sad? Jim: A Zegna runway cape that is one-of-a-kind and was not produced again. I would be very distraught. Mary: Who’s your style icon? Jim: Cary Grant. He was just effortlessly elegant and cool. Ladies loved him and men wanted to be him. Mary: Skinny jeans or relaxed fit? Jim: Skinny but not so skinny that you can read the contents of a wallet. Mary: Backpack or murse? Jim: Murse. Mary: What do you keep in that murse of yours? Jim: Computer, moleskin planner, portfolio with the day’s cases and a resume should I happen to need one. Mary: Collar popped or pop of color? Jim: Pop of color— highlighter yellow or any sort of bold, super-saturated color. Mary: What advice do you have for guys trying to break out of their daily wardrobe of HBS swag? Jim: Get online–there are a lot of men’s style blogs showing amazing street style. There’s Tommy Ton, The Fashionisto, and Men’s Threads. Also, mrporter.com has amazing editorial content and ideas.

Street Style - Angela Antony

Street Style – Angela Antony

Angela Antony, OF (pictured with a Burberry overcoat, BCBG cardigan, Vineyard Vines white button-down, Theory shorts, vintage belt, shoes are from a boutique in Tokyo) Mary: What did you do before HBS? Angela: I was an entrepreneur. Mary: What was your most recent fashion splurge? Angela: I bought two Burberry coats yesterday, including the one I have on now cartier santos 100 replica. Mary: Do you collect certain items of clothing? Angela: I’m a big jacket person. Half of my closet is filled with blazers, cardigans, etc. They add a certain level of interest to an outfit. Mary: Do you think one must have lots of Crimson ca$h money to dress well at HBS? Angela: Definitely not. You don’t have to have any fashion sense to pay for Gucci or Chanel to dress you. I think the definition of style is being able to mix and match sources to carve out your own aesthetic. Personally, I have investment pieces but I pair them with basics and really cool finds from less expensive stores all the time. Mary: Jeggings or jeans? Angela: Jeans. Jeggings make me want to die. Mary: 6-inch heels or kitten heel? Angela: Definitely not kitten heels. That word also makes me want to die. Mary: Do people dress better during RC or EC year? Angela: RC year. People stop caring during EC year. Mary: What was the most daring thing you wore to class? Angela: During my RC year I wore a leather mini skirt, but paired it with a collar shirt to be Aldrich appropriate. Mary: For an HBS formal event, gown or body-con dress? Angela: Gown in theory, but body-con in practice. Mary: What colors pair well with crimson? Angela: Crimson should make a statement. Pair with neutrals.

April 10, 2012
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