Solo Summer: Spending the Internship Months Sans Partner

Photo courtesy of longdistancelover

With the semester quickly coming to a close, everyone seems to be gearing up for their summer plans. Sublet announcements go up daily, storage spaces are rented, summer apartments searched for, and all those business formal outfits get pulled out from the backs of closets.

The summer internship is a great thing, really replica breitling Aeromarine . Students get a chance to sample a field or industry to see if it’s to their taste, you get the chance to break up that negative cash flow of the past seven months, and spouses can scope out the city that might become their home after graduation. Well, some spouses. Me, I’m spending the summer solo. As tempting as it is to quit my job and hit the road for the summer, it’s just not happening.

My husband and I did the long distance “thing” for two years before we got married last July and I was d-o-n-e with it when it was over. I kissed long distance goodbye, glared at her snarky back as she walked out the door, and never thought of her again. Until now. While I’m aware that 10 weeks isn’t that long, and yes I can visit, blah blah blah, I’m a mere nine months into my marriage and am not interested in putting a couple thousand miles between my husband and myself.

I guess it’s a moot point, though, because it’s happening. Therefore, I’ve decided to make the best of it. Whenever I’m faced with a situation that I don’t love, I fall back on the very sophisticated technique of making a Pro/Con list to find the bright side and let me tell all you Partners who are in the same situation, there are some pro’s here.

  1. Won’t have to share the covers/remote control/snacks.
  2. Enjoying a clutter free house all summer long.
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  4. More time to go visit family in Maine.
  5. Fun weekend trips to Houston to visit my husband.
  6. The relief of some extra money in the bank.
  7. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

It’s not a long list, but it’s solid. I’m also encouraged by the Section D e-mail that circulated last week with a poll for Partners staying in Boston for the summer, so I know I won’t be the only one here. Who knows, ten weeks could fly by and then I’m really going to be done with long distance, right? RIGHT?