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2012 Green Living Associates

2012 Green Living Associates

“Green is the new Crimson”

Yes, you read that right. This probably wasn’t the first time you’ve read that either. Ever since banners with that motto festooned Al Gore’s headline talk at the 2008 Harvard Sustainability Celebration, the tagline has become a byword for Harvard’s efforts to reduce environmental impacts.  Each year, Harvard University and HBS strive to raise the profile of sustainability related work being done at our Alma Mater by championing the push to achieve environmental targets for the campus.  Here at HBS, one of the more visible sides of the green initiative has been that of the HBS Green Living Program – a program for and by MBA students!

The Green Living Program employs a team of Student Sustainability Associates to educate students and work for HBS Operations to develop and drive projects to enable student, faculty and staff conservation efforts through infrastructure and policy improvements www.replicabestsale.co.uk.  The SSAs are your peers, fellow HBS students, who work to engage the rest of our MBA colleagues in the campaign for increased environmental sustainability. From encouraging energy and water conservation to facilitating recycling and waste reduction in the dormitories and commons areas, the SSAs’ role is to provide information and opportunities to learn more about reducing your environmental footprint.

Introducing your cohort of Student Sustainability Associates (SSAs)…

The Sustainability Associate team includes two EC students, Brian McIntosh (OC) and Tony Muljadi (OA), who run the Green Living Program in Hamilton and McCulloch respectively.  A native of Houston, TX, Brian came to HBS from General Mills and plans to return there after graduation.  In addition to his involvement greening the halls of Hamilton, Brian is actively involved on campus as his section’s president and as the co-social chair of the African American Student Union.  Likewise, Tony Muljadi has been active member of the HBS community as both the co-chair of the annual Social Enterprise Conference and the co-president of the Global Impact Experience program, a student group that sends volunteer consultants to work in emerging markets.  Tony plans to continue his career in management consulting upon graduation.

As the Sustainability Associate for Morris Hall, Daniel Oliver (NB) began his interest in environmental issues early in life and interned at the California Air Resources Board before joining Honeywell’s Aerospace division.  Daniel is also the founder of Intelligent Mobility International, a non-profit that provides wheelchair technology globally.  Royce Cheng (NA) plans to use his love of technology to help Gallatin residents discover how simple choices, such as proper e-waste disposal, can have a measureable impact on their community and environment cartier roadster replica.  Hailing from Northern California, Royce has a background in mechanical and bioengineering and hopes to pursue a career in the healthcare technology arena.  Finally, Abhishek Banerjee (NH) is proudly continuing his life as a career ‘engineering hippie’ by raising awareness about recycling and composting opportunities as well as ways to make choices that are better for both the planet and the soul in the Chase Dorm. Hailing from India and with a mechanical engineering undergraduate degree, Abhishek is making the difficult switch from developing Doritos to trying to make the world a more equitable place.

In addition to engaging HBS dorm residents, two Sustainability Associates work with rest of campus on sustainability issues.  Sid Misra (OJ) came to HBS from Opower, a double bottom-line company that focused on customer engagement to drive energy efficiency.  As the Common Areas Associate for the Green Living Program, Sid hopes to empower students to live more sustainably and works with a dedicated group of volunteer Green Section Representative to run the

Green Cup Challenge, an RC tradition and intersection competition for a $900 prize.   Green Section Representatives for this year include Christian James (NA), Thomas Koskella (NB), Clayton Nylander (NC), Emma Somers (ND), Austin Blackmon (NE), Eric Chernoff (NF), Tanmaya Mathur (NH), Clementine Contat (NI) and Sid Misra (NJ). Joining Sid in the role of Common Areas Sustainability Associate is Thomas Koskella (NB), who is working with HBS Operations on a variety of projects geared towards creating better messaging about campus energy use.  Before coming to HBS, Thomas made the move from working for BP Europe to a renewable energy NGO in Laos.

Whether it is sustainability-themed campaigns in the dorms or the Green Cup Challenge, MBA students will have ample opportunity to get involved in initiatives run by the Green Living Program.  Students are encouraged to be on the lookout for communications from your Associate or Green Representatives.  To learn more about sustainability at HBS, please visit green.harvard.edu/hbs.


AUTHOR’S BIOGRAPHY cartier santos 100 replica

 Abhishek Banerjee, MBA Class of 2013, is a self professed “engineering hippie” and works for HBS Operations as a Student Sustainability Associate in Chase Hall.

February 2, 2012
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