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Presidential Style: Interview with SA Leaders

Fashionista Nate Leung had a chat with incoming SA Co-Presidents Laura Merritt and Kunal Modi to learn about what to expect in terms of style from the new leadership.  

How would you describe your personal style?

Laura Merritt: Very classic. I wear a lot of dresses that could have been worn in previous decades, and probably in future decades. I’m an all-American girl.

Kunal Modi: Preppy casual. You’ll find me in a button down most days. I like to be comfortable and classy. I’m also a big watch person. I like accessories.

LM: I’m really into socks. I’m really into wearing socks outside booties. Wedges with socks and a dress. That rocks my socks.

KM: I like basics, dark jeans, shirt, blazer, big watch. That’s more my style. I live for bonobos. I did get a suit from Charles Row, which I believe is a huge endorsement for them.

Speaking of FIELD, any other interesting ideas you’ve come across? Other HBS startups?

LM: I’m into the bespoke suit teams. I’m excited about the FIELD 3 group that organizes your outfits as a fashion app.

Where do you like to shop www.replicaforbest.co.uk?

LM: The fun of fashion is original pieces.  I like local boutique-y stores. Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters (but not so much Urban now). I love limited edition redone thrift pieces.

KM: Aside from Bonobos online, I’m a big fan of uniqlo in NY.

Kunal, would you consider working at Bonobos replica breitling Aeromarine ?

KM: It hadn’t crossed my mind, but maybe we should send this article to them and see what happens!

Any other online sites or services replica breitling bentley 6.75?

KM: You might see a Gilt box or 2 with my name on it in SFP.

LM: I don’t do the flash sale sites because the thought of missing out on a deal causes way too much anxiety, so I just need to take myself out of the game.

So let’s get inside your closet. What’s the most embarrassing item you own?

KM: Last week, we had a “business on top, party on bottom” party, so I got short metallic silver short shorts from American Apparel. Also, from my time in NY, a pair of skinny jeans.

LM: Not sure if this is embarrassing, but it’s awkward.  My American apparel leotard. You can wear them under a skirt, but I’m a little self-conscious of wearing a leotard around town.

American Apparel, that is embarrassing. What’s your most often worn item?

LM: My pink coat this spring.

KM: My oldest piece of clothing, my cubs hat, seen a lot of games and wears.

How about a favorite costume or themed-outfit?

KM: Oh I would really like to rock a cape and a sword. We should have a Superhero party on Spangler lawn!

LM: I love my Flintstones costume! I hang dogbones from my ears. That would be a great party!

Not to shake things up too much, but how would you change each other’s style?

KM: Laura’s got great style, so you’ll see her dressed up around campus. She would also be one of the classiest ladies on campus in just a t-shirt. As for changing up her style, Laura talks to her hair, and she loves her curls. I think straight hair could be a good look! She might bring in a new demographic.

LM: I would have Kunal in a tux as frequently as possible. He wears it really well, better than a lot of guys. It would probably help with his class participation.

April 9, 2012
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