Power Clashing: The New “Caaj” Standard

Photo by Bro. Jeff SJ Pioquinto

caaj: (adjective) The antonym of tryhard; casual, laid-back, seemingly effortless.

You learned the golden rules of fashion a long time ago. Never wear black with brown www.replicabestsale.co.uk.  Never wear black with navy.  Never wear white after Labor Day.  Well, those are no longer true.

The other night, a certain style maven was wearing a rather cutely-styled outfit of a black-collared sweater with jeans. when caajKim complimented his look, he sheepishly admitted, “But I’m wearing a brown belt and brown shoes with a black sweater. That’s not okay, is it?”

It is! Power clashing is actually the “caaj” way! The traditional rules no longer apply. In my opinion, the more you break those rules, the more caaj you look. And let’s be honest – ultimately, none of the rules matter if you end up putting together a cute outfit that catches the eye of a fashionista such as myself. Take a look at the chic power clashing in the pictures here.  So from now on cartier roadster replica, don’t shy away from power clashing. Navy blazer with a black skirt? Do it. Skinny black slacks with dark brown loafers? Do it. A brown dress with black tights? Do it! Soon enough cartier santos 100 replica, everyone will be power clashing. People will look back and think, “Fashion rules? What rules?” So be part of making history – embrace the power clash.