Outside the Bubble: Trampoline Dodgeball in Boston

Trampoline dodgeball may just be the single best contribution to our favorite recess sport since Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn brought us the American Dodgeball Association of America. Imagine combining the gravity defying backflips of trampoline (apparently now an Olympic sport) with the childlike excitement of a good old-fashioned dodgeball game. As the new D’s found out last weekend, trampoline dodgeball is exactly as chaotic and addicting as it sounds.

What? Trampoline dodgeball takes up to 30 players and pits them against each other in an enclosed court made entirely of trampolines (yes, even the walls). Normal dodgeball rules apply. Hit an opposing team’s players, they’re out. They catch the ball, you’re out.

Why? A perfect section event for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. And, at $15 a head, it costs a fraction of a Euro Club party. Let’s be honest, our dignity can only handle the Kong so many times. Also, what better way to get your sectionmates back for stealing all your perfect comments in LEAD than a good game of dodgeball?

Where? SkyZone trampoline park (www.boston.skyzonesports.com) has two locations in the greater Boston area, each with a single dodgeball court. Court rentals last one hour. If our experience is any indication, you will not have the energy to stay longer!

Some tips from ND:

  • Book now. Popular on the pre-teen birthday circuit, dodgeball courts get booked months in advance.
  • Bring high socks! They will give you some ankle high rental shoes that are … umm… less than fresh.
  • Wear your most dodge-tastic gym clothes. Go with your best Peter La Fleur-headbands and neon socks are encouraged. You will sweat.
  • Book an entire court. Unless you want to be throwing objects at children a quarter of your age, you’ll want at least 24 players to hold your own court.
  • Be sure to arrive a good 30 minutes early. You will have to pick up shoes and sign waivers, which can eat into your court time.