On March 31st, WILL YOU CARE?

HBS SA Cares Event PosterOn Saturday March 31st, for the first time, the HBS Community will come together in a day of service.  After speaking with fellow MBAs at Kellogg and Wharton, who took part in Wharton Cares and Kellogg Cares www.replicaforbest.co.uk, Sebastien D’Incau, OJ decided that we needed more service at HBS: “engagement and community service matter”, says D’Incau, “our income level, education and the opportunities that we have makes us unbelievably privileged. They also create a responsibility to “do more” and help out those who are less fortunate. It’s easy to forget that when we are in the HBS Bubble. Community service is not something that we should only expect others to do.”  From this idea, HBS SA Cares was born.

Recognizing the importance of service and our community, Bain & Company, BCG and the Healthcare Club all stepped forward to sponsor the event.  In partnership with the SA, the planning team has arranged service projects with Cradles to Crayons, the Lowell Wish Project, IMEC, The United Way, and Junior Achievement.  The projects allow us to make a meaningful impact on the community around us and forge partnerships that will provide continuity to service on campus and HBS SA CARES. They also ensure projects reflect true community needs.  For example, at Cradles to Crayons up to 200 students will be assembling packages of new and like-new donations of school supplies, clothing replica breitling Aeromarine , and other essential items that will go to kids in need in the New England area.  Volunteers are essential to delivering individualized packages to families and help Cradles to Crayons keep costs low.

Other students will work with students in the United Way Youth Venture program refine their business plan and skills for the student’s social enterprise venture replica breitling bentley 6.75.  SA Co-President, Jon Dick (OB) reminds us: “It is easy to forget that, at HBS, we belong to Allston and Greater Boston communities as well. Thus as any responsible community member we have an obligation to plough back and ensure that we are contributing to our collective growth. Many parts make the whole, and so we have to do ours.”

From our SA Co-Presidents Jon and Funa:  “We’re so excited to see a large-scale service event like HBS SA CARES take shape. We’ve been so inspired by the incredible response of students so far. We can’t wait to see hundreds of students come together to make an impact this spring.”  So will you be there on March 31st?  Just in case you needed more convincing, here are 5 more reasons why you should care:

5. It is good for your health: experts report that when you focus on someone other than yourself, it interrupts usual tension-producing patterns.

4. You will have fun: spend the day working for a good cause with your sectionmates and share some “Sweet section loving/bonding”

3. You will SHOW leadership: think being “a leader who makes a difference in the world” should be more than just words. This is your chance.

2. You will make a difference in the life of others: HBS SA CARES will strengthen ties with our community and allow us to give back

1. You will create a new HBS Tradition: be a part of the first annual HBS SA CARES Service Day.

How do you get involved?  Look for a sign up from your section Service Rep via email poll this week, sign up ends February 17th.