Harbus Staff Works with Current Students to Publish Interview Guide

The Harbus staff recently published an updated version of the Unofficial HBS Interview Guide, expanding the perennial offering to incorporate new findings from the Class of 2014 .  The 45-page booklet, written for applicants looking for insights specific to Harbus Business School’s unique interview process, features real interview questions and answer analysis from last year’s successful applicants as well as preparation strategy.  Upon election to their posts last Spring the Harbus staff has focused on working with the new first-year class to incorporate new questions posed in the most recent round of interviews and to help shed light on the ever-changing tactics of the Admissions office.

“We worked hard to get the first-hand advice not only from past interviewees but from students who successfully navigated in the process and enrolled at HBS,” said Bart Clareman, Co-Editor-in-Chief of the periodical.  “Applicants know that HBS puts a lot of importance on the interview, and we believe this source is the most accurate and the most helpful for prospective students who want to know what to expect on the big day.”  Clareman and Co-Editor-in-Chief Kate Lewis spear-headed the initiative with the help of the Harbus’ Board of Directors.

The team organize the questions they received from a survey of the first-year class upon their arrival on campus into six main categories: experience, leadership, career, current events, curriculum, and situational.  The experience, leadership, and career buckets prompt interviewees to tell “their story” by reflecting on past challenges and achievements.  Admission Board members may also pose questions that assess an interviewee’s perspective on current global events or his thoughts on the HBS curriculum.  The situational bucket helps candidates prepare for the occasional “off-the-wall” ask that requires on-the-spot resourcefulness.

“While the only person who can get you into HBS is you, the guide helps you present your best self on interview day,” says Harbus publisher Alex Pak.  In addition to the pre-interview preparation, the guide also offers applicants logistical day-of advice and instructions for planning a trip to the Allston and Harvard Square areas.  It is available for online purchase at www.hbsinterview.com.