Harbus Reflections from 1959

Harbus Front Page, Feb 1959

Editors’ note: The following two articles highlight the first two years of Women at HBS.  The first article contains the announcement to the student body that women were eligible to apply.  The second article contains the words of the first women at HBS themselves as they dealt with the challenges of integrating into what was then a foreign and somewhat hostile environment. cartier santos 100 replica  The Harbus would like to thank these women for their perseverance, and for being strong instruments of change for the institution.

Women Admitted to MBA Next Year

Published in The Harbus, May 15, 1959 cartier roadster replica

Dean Stanley F. Teele has announced that qualified women who have completed the one year Harvard Radcliffe Program in Business Administration are eligible to apply for admission, as second year students at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.  After this second year of study at the Business School, they will receive the MBA degree.

At the same time, qualified women will be admitted to the Harvard Business School Doctoral Program.  This program leading to the degree of Doctor of Business Administration will be open to women who have prepared themselves by advanced work at Harvard or elsewhere.

The Harvard Radcliffe Program in Business Administration will continue to provide one year of study beyond college to prepare women of business, as a terminal program.  Those women in the Harvard Radcliffe Program who then wish additional study will be enabled to apply for admission to Harvard Business School after that year.

In making the announcement, Dean Teele stressed the 20 years of cooperation between Harvard and Radcliffe in preparing young women for careers in business.  The increased demand for women to take responsible roles in business administration has in part dictated the change in policy which will allow them to earn the Harvard M.B.A.

Because the growing deficit of teachers makes extraordinarily important the full training of the best available personnel to maintain the high standards of business education, qualified women are now being sought for the Harvard Business School Doctoral Program.

 www.replicabestsale.co.ukFemale Enrollment up 33 Percent

 Published in The Harbus, October 21, 1960

(The following article has been written from a composite of interviews with our second-year females. We thought many men would be interested. – Editors’ note, October 1960)

The increase in female MBA candidates from three to four, while hardly constituting a suffragette movement, has perhaps sounded the clarion of danger in the minds of HBS men.  Though well-oiled slide rules declare 33 1/3% increase (or perchance, dividend), the end result is still a thoroughly minority position, with its attendant advantages and disadvantages.

The “man without a country” can hardly have been as “lost” as a girl who belongs to no “Old Section X”.  Our athletic fee also turns out to be a token payment for the sign-up sheets for sports never seem to reach us.

The sound of one’s heels in the corridor is exceeded only by the buzzing in the ears when it’s time to speak in class for the first time.  Men who think that a girl’s voice sounds strange in the classroom should be comforted to know that by comparison it sounds a bit odd to us too.  The feminine voice has even been credited with staving off sleep, and new uses are presently under consideration.  Inducing speech can also be a professional game, we’ve found.  In one class, the entire perimeter of B-31 was picked off day by day.  The men suffered not-so-silently until the day of the “maiden speech in Parliament.”

With a month now past, we can carry on a conversation in course initials which would baffle the most literate outsider.  Other HBS jargon, it seems, has unlimited potential.  The discretionary dollar, a term previously associated quite directly with economics, now appears in the classroom with such frequency that one is led to believe that it moves about under its own power.

Report writing assignments begin, and one is initiated into the mysteries of The Group.  After one unexpected early arrival for an 8:00pm meeting in a dorm, an unwritten code of required steel heels was adopted.  A system of bells tied around the neck was seriously considered, but abandoned for impracticability.  A sure method for getting a study group underway, it seems, is to straighten the meeting room a bit by picking up some unfamiliar “photography magazines[”] which have “fallen” behind the couch.


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