Focus on Religion: HBS Christian Fellowship

The Christian Fellowship aspires to cultivate an accessible, relevant and nourishing Christ-centered community within HBS that equips leaders to follow Jesus in the business world.

We aim to learn from and emulate Christ as the ultimate servant-leader and enabler of positive transformation in our careers and personal lives. We seek to accomplish these goals through hosting gatherings that include speaker events with Christian business leaders as well as through coordinating small groups to foster closer personal relationships.

Through these meetings we hope to create a welcoming community where students can develop meaningful, authentic relationships that enrich their experience at HBS and provide a life-long support network to provide encouragement and accountability. We know that following graduation we will all be faced with extremely challenging situations. We hope that collectively we will better anticipate and plan for the challenges and opportunities that we will face as we live out our faith intentionally in our future leadership roles beyond HBS (e.g., through the Believers in Business Conference, discussion and support groups, etc.)

Beyond personal development, we hope that Christian Fellowship can provide a forum for the HBS campus to discuss and reflect on important ethical and personal matters that transcend religious creed. Our large group gatherings are open to all members of the HBS community and we hope that everyone will feel comfortable talking about their beliefs at our meetings.

For example, we recently invited Mark Whitacre, the corporate whistleblower in the widely known ADM price-fixing scandal and the central character in the movie “The Informant,” to share about his struggles to act ethically in an extremely high-stakes environment and how he came to the decision to become a Christian during his time in prison.

In addition to on-campus events, we are also involved in a number of trips and outings that further our mission. In October we participate in a retreat in New Hampshire with other graduate fellowships from around Boston. This gives the HBS community a chance to form closer bonds with other graduate students.

Each January members of our community make a trip to Honduras to serve rural families, street children and World Vision projects. This is a wonderful opportunity for this group of students to live out their Christian faith through service to others.

Following these two trips there are two tremendous conferences in the spring semester. First is Believers in Business. This conference is held annually in NYC and is a gathering of Christian business leaders. Through keynote speeches from diverse speakers (corporate executives as well as leaders in full-time ministry), industry panels and networking sessions, attendees are challenged to live integrated lives where their faith informs their everyday decisions in the workplace.

Second is the New Canaan Society which is held annually in Washington DC. Similar to Believers in Business, this is a gathering of Christian business leaders and seeks to build strong relationships at the highest levels in the business community.

Through these activities we hope that we provide a welcoming, enriching and Christ-centered environment for all members of the HBS community.

October 10, 2012
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