“That’s So Cute! Is it New?”: Avoiding the “Tryhard” Look

Photo by Brendan Lally
Photo by Brendan Lally

Tryhard: (verb, noun, adjective) to obviously try very hard to achieve a certain look; to put in too much effort in a way that is easily detectable.

“Is that new?” The dreaded question that is the bane of every caaj girl’s existence. A caaj girl doesn’t ever want anyone to know that anything she is wearing is new www.replicaforbest.co.uk. Only a tryhard is excited to tell the world that she spent money to look cute and coordinated. A caaj girl likes every piece that she wears to scream, “Oh this old thing? Yeah, I just had it lying around and threw this outfit together at the last minute.” Even worse than admitting you’re wearing something new on a random day is admitting that you’re wearing something specially bought for a particular occasion. A caaj girl never buys a dress for a specific event. She always wears something she claims to have worn before.

If your item looks too new, mess it up. Do whatever it takes to make it look old and worn. This trick usually works to throw observers off the trail. Those psycho closet trackers who notice every slight addition or subtraction to a trendsetter’s wardrobe (you know who you are) replica breitling Aeromarine , however, are a whole different story. There is no solution to avoiding the questioning of those folks. In this situation, my advice would be simply to lie and deny. “No, this isn’t new. I just haven’t worn it. It was at the back of my closet.”

The caaj girl also never directly answers the other dreaded question — the follow-up to “is that new?” — the “where did you get it?” question. That’s when she goes with either “I don’t know, my mom (or dad, depending on how fashion forward he is) got it for me” (but we may be getting too old to use that) or “a vintage store replica breitling bentley 6.75.” Whether you bought the said item at Forever 21 or Bergdorf is irrelevant. The caaj girl likes to pretend that she shops at avante-garde, laid-back retail channels, not mass-marketed, mass-produced chain retail.

I hope this helps fellow caaj girls (or fellas) avoid any potential tryhard snafus. While it may seem like caajKim is encouraging blog followers to break one of the 10 commandments (not of fashion, but of God) — thou shalt not bear false witness — this is for the greater good of the people. Trust me. Just deny.