An Offer You Can’t Refuse: A Preview of the 2012 HBS Show

There are the perennial features you can expect from the HBS Show, the musical that is completely run by students and remains one of HBS’s older traditions: An impressive showcase of  student body talent, from acting, singing, and dancing, to set and costume design, to writing and choreographing; an accurate representation of how the average HBS student spends his or her time (the ratio of party scenes to class scenes is 2:1); flattering and well-intentioned characterizations of the administration; the sad scenario of a cold call you are utterly unprepared to handle even if you weren’t nursing a hangover; and of course, a love story.

But there are also things unique to this year, particularly for the class of 2013.  This school year brings the new FIELD curriculum, the Hives, the liberal dose of lab rat experimentation behind every poll, Strategy simulations, and an HBS-style stage adaptation of the wildly (and perhaps disturbingly) popular Hunger Games series.  Tying together these elements is the Godfather theme, with feuding section families, questions of loyalty, and two people in love trying to surpass all the obstacles in their way.

The Show centers on Michael (RC Jim Kuerschner), a decent, principled and endearingly naïve ex-military guy, and Kay (Sarah Minkus), a well-respected world-traveler photojournalist.  Michael and Kay fall in love during their first year at HBS. Unfortunately, the fact that they’re in different sections is a big problem. For the first time, the administration announces a budget shortfall significant enough that not all sections will be allowed to “survive” RC year, and students will have to compete to stay at school. The Section Dons – with the pragmatic, tough Donna (Dena Neuenschwander) and the ruthless, conniving Barzini (Scott Bradley) at the forefront – lead their respective sections in offing each other.  The fighting, backstabbing and acts of vengeance escalate as the class of 2013 experiences an RC year like no other.

Sponsored by Leader Bank and put together by a fantastic team of over 60 RCs and ECs, this year’s HBS Show: ‘An Offer You Can’t Refuse’ is not to be missed! All performances will be in Burden Auditorium and will run from April 10 through 13. Visit the website,, for more details and to purchase tickets.