5 Reasons to Try Trunk Club… and 5 Reasons to Wait

Trunk ClubMy mom recently described my personal style as a cross between Flo Rida and Ricky Martin. I signed up for Trunk Club the next day. In this special issue of The Harbus, I describe the highs and lows of my experience with the most exciting thing to happen to men’s fashion since eco-friendly, single-use underwear.

Five reasons to give Trunk Club a test drive:

1) It’s time to refresh that Banana Republic wardrobe. There are only so many chino/sweater-vest combinations you can pull off before you’re finally out of options. Trunk Club can help you discover new styles you never thought you’d love. “Holy crap, who knew I would look so awesome in these bright blue pants?!” – Me after trying on an awesome pair of bright blue pants.

2) Your ego will no longer allow you to sit next to Euros who are fashionably-superior to you in every way. Let’s face it. Your American Apparel hoodie and Jordan’s are no match for the seemingly never-ending supply of perfectly-tailored Armani, Burberry, and Prada clothes in which your European friends show up to class each day. Trunk Club will dress you in some of the best designer brands in the world, giving your style (and ego) a boost.

3) You’d rather sit through 80 minutes of TOM than spend five minutes in a department store. Overwhelmed by the whole department store experience? Trunk Club handles all of the steps for you. Just tell them what you love, try on the trunk in the comfort of your own home, and send back whatever you don’t want to keep for free. It’s actually quite easy, and the service is top-notch.

4) You’re hoping to dress the part this summer. Working at Facebook this summer? You don’t need to look like Mark Zuckerberg. Making the move into banking? You don’t need to look like a douchebag. Trunk Club can help you make an impression at your summer internship for all the right reasons.

5) You want girls to throw themselves at you. The day I showed up to class with my new Jack Spade button-up and J Brand slim fit jeans, Danielle Slutzky, Stefanie Botelho, and Alice Heathcote all tried to make out with me – at once! Okay, this didn’t actually happen. But I did get quite a few compliments (and for some reason, my comment in BGIE just seemed so much better that day).

Five reasons to hold out:

1)The whole metro thing just isn’t for you. Let’s be honest, these clothes are straight out of the latest issue of GQ (and no, GQ is not a quarterly magazine for Gin and Golf enthusiasts).

2) You remember that you’re on an MBA budget. Those trips to Iceland and Isreal aren’t going to pay for themselves. Perhaps you should wait a little before you throw down $220 for a shirt.

3) You only do suits. Sorry Mr. Fancy Pants, Trunk Club doesn’t carry suits…yet.

4) You don’t have the genes for the jeans. XS sizes are a rarity. If you’re slim and under 5’7’’, there’s a good chance that most of the clothes in your Trunk probably won’t fit.

5) You don’t want to look like Justin Bieber. I was about to sport a solid jacket/hoodie combo from my Trunk when a girlfriend of mine looked at me and started singing “Baby! Baby! Baby! Ohh!” and showed me a picture of Justin Bieber wearing the exact same thing. Justin Bieber – 1. My pride – 0.