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2012-2013 SA Presidential Elections

Aashna Kircher and Jason Sorger 2012 SA Presidential Candidates

Aashna Kircher and Jason Sorger

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Our time here at HBS is short and SA needs to be a resource on which you can count, to which you can go for help when you need it, and which will be there for you every day.  We are running for Co-Presidents of SA and solemnly undertake to make SA a tool that works for you.

Our undertaking:  We will focus on improving the quality of daily life at HBS, making the career search as painless as possible, and enhancing your social experience.  We are dedicated to addressing your needs with tangible measures to ensure that SA enriches your HBS experience.  As Co-Presidents, we will listen to your complaints, identify your greatest needs, draw from your experiences, and devise solutions to help all of us be greater than the sum of our parts. We will align the objectives of SA with the reason that you are here – to pursue your dreams.  At the heart of our campaign lies a commitment to creating a stronger and more inclusive sense of community among the student body, and to helping all of us succeed here and in life beyond HBS.

What are we going to do for you daily?

Here are 10 Things:

1. Career market sucks!  We all go on Interviews.  We need help to each other by contributing interview questions to an “Interview file” for fellow students to use.
2. Cut costs cartier roadster replica.  Jason negotiated better deals for you on the Vegas trip, and he will negotiate with vendors to make formal tickets and fleeces more affordable.  We also will seek to establish regular supply runs to Costco, Target, and other discount stores via regular van rides.
3. Workout cut short?  We will try to extend Shad Hours.
4. Sushi Line got you down? cartier santos 100 replica  We will seek to arrange other convenient eating options, such as near-campus food trucks.
5. Apartment empty over the summer?  We will come up with a way to advertise to other MBA’s coming to Boston for internships.
6. Learning Hub and Career Hub Killing You Softly?  We need to develop applications to fix the lag.
7. Entrepreneurs of the world unite!  We will seek to create a dynamic website where start-ups can recruit and students can match, continuously.
8. Heard of the Exec Ed Program?  Executives take class on campus.  We need to take advantage of these human resources and arrange mixers for lasting connections.
9. International student?  HBS outposts can be better resources for jobs.
10. Eat, meet and fall in love?  We want SA to sponsor cross-sectional dinners and mixers.

Who are we?  Aashna serves as one of Section C’s Social Chairs, is a choreographer for the HBS Show, is a member of SABA, was a choreographer for and dancer in EKTA, teaches Bollywood dance at Shad, and helped organize the WSA conference.   She also has work experience in higher education.  Jason serves on Section D’s executive board, is an active member of LASO and the HBS Show, helped organize the entertainment conference, and successfully organized the Vegas Trip for 250 HBS students.  He has work experience in retail, real estate, and entrepreneurial business development.   In short, we love being a part of HBS, and we are serious about dedicating ourselves to serving you.

Kunal Modi and Laura Merritt

Laura Merritt and Kunal Modi 2012 SA Presidential Candidates

Laura Merritt and Kunal Modi

We are running to serve as your SA Co-Presidents because we believe HBS is great, but it can be better. Because we believe that our bonds are strong, but they can be stronger. And because as individuals we have depth, but our campus needs more heart. We care deeply about our collective student experience at HBS, as well as the richness of our campus culture.

HBS is about the people – the relationships, funny stories, memorable nights, global adventures and tough decisions we go through together during these wild two years.

Five or ten years from now, when each of us is thinking through some big life decision – taking a risk on that start-up idea, moving across the world for a job, or popping the question to that cute guy or girl you met at the Kong – you’re not going to call that person you traded business cards with at Spangler or found on LinkedIn. You’ll call the close friends you made during these precious years we’ve shared on this campus.

This experience is about building meaningful relationships.

Our vision for HBS is about creating the space, the environment, and the culture for us to continue to invest in each other and deepen friendships. Our vision is simple and intuitive, but involves transforming intangible elements of HBS – the spirit of this campus.

We want to re-invent Spangler lawn, making it a public square where people congregate as they move from one part of their day to another. We want Spangler lawn to be the heart of campus, and not the patch of grass between class and the line at the sushi counter. Beyond permanent features like lawn seating, rotating artwork, and festive lighting, we want to add movies on the lawn, bands and beers on Thursdays, pop-up dinners, a mini-skating rink in the winter and more.

We want to re-imagine all our campus spaces – including making Spangler more lively, starting college football Saturdays in the Grille, and Food Truck Friday’s in the Spangler lots.

We want to re-envision how and where we build relationships. We want to broaden our horizons across sections and years, with cross-section dinner clubs and Back Bay or North End type treks to help us explore Boston. We want to provide summer networks for you – so no matter what city you end up in, there is an HBS connection to be made.

We want to revitalize certain parts of the academic and career experience and build upon the growing innovation culture on campus.

We will ensure SA is an approachable, accountable and accessible platform for your ideas on how to make the most of our HBS experience.

On March 1st, we’d like your vote, but beyond that, we want to enlist your energy and ideas to make this experience as incredible as we believe it can be.

Michael Konalian and Leslie Kurkjian

Leslie and Michael 2012 SA Presidential Candidates

Michael Konalian and Leslie Kurkjian

Hi HBS! We’re Meslie and we’re thrilled to be running to serve as next year’s SA co-presidents.

Like you, we’ve found our first semester at HBS to be an exhilarating, but sometimes turbulent experience. That’s why we think a strong and responsive Student Association is so important – to make sure that our voices are heard and that we continue to make this the best business school in the country.

We have shown our dedication to this campus through our service as Section B President and VP of Operations for WesTrek. If elected, we will do our best to make this next year one of the most memorable of our lives.

Here are some of the issues that would be priorities for us as co-presidents:

Wait, this school has ECs?
We want to unite our classmates in the RC and EC years. Starting during orientation, we will create school-wide activities and one-on-one programs so RCs and ECs no longer live in parallel universes.

Creating space (and time!) for entrepreneurship
Truthfully, this campus has the most ambitious and creative people we’ve ever met. We want to work with the administration to create the space and time for entrepreneurship during both years at HBS, not just after midnight and on holidays.

We also want to turnaround Admitted Students Weekend to ensure that admits come to HBS because of ASW, not despite it. We want to showcase our great culture and have admits interact with current students on more than just a housing tour.

Keeping IT Real
Think about those frustrating times, looking at announcements on Learning Hub, myHBS, Career Hub… it’s time to consolidate and organize more user-friendly resources so you always know what to do and when.

While we can’t promise you a better winter next year than this one, we can promise we’re open to your feedback (no videotaping on flip cams necessary), so that every voice on campus is heard. Whether you’re a honey badger, croc hawk, or scorpion owl, we want HBS to be a place where you’ll be engaged academically, socially, and professionally. To do that, we want to represent the core of what it means to be a student here. Something that can’t be captured in a poll and doesn’t come out in a compulsory pseudo-anonymous reflection.

The truth is, we’re here to have it all. We want to have a world class education, meet awesome people, see the world, and yes, go out on a school night every once and a while.

Now that’s something we could all be unapologetic about.


February 28, 2012
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