You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen it floating around people’s Facebook. You might have even been featured on it. The StyledLuxe blog is here to demystify fashion for the broader HBS community and encourage people to show their creativity, have fun with fashion, and put their best-styled foot forward.

The EC founders offer styling tips in advance of all major HBS parties, helping students decipher the never-ending, complex and ambiguous party dress codes such as “Cuban Chic”, “Breaking Out” or “Look like you’re going to a party on a yacht coasting along the South of France (and ignore that you’re actually taking a cab to Warrenton Street in 10 degree weather).” Think of the blog as your very replica watches uk own fashion muse to help get the styling juices flowing.  StyledLuxe further encourages students to try new things by featuring photos of the “Best Styled” of the night on the blog the day after the party. Even the HBS boys have upped their outfit styling, helping the blog to get better and better replica breitling. Check it out at //”

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