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Save the Spangler Post Office

The Spangler Post Office

The Spangler Post Office

When your section-mate, a Marine Reservist, has just been deployed to Afghanistan, and your section has banded together to send him a care package www.replicaforbest.co.uk, how you can possibly make it to the post office on the other side of the river during operating hours despite your full class schedule should be the furthest thought from your mind.

It was recently announced that The Spangler Post Office may be closing.  This publication summarizes the general student body sentiment as follows.

The post office connects our community replica breitling Aeromarine , no matter where we are in the world. The value of this convenience is priceless, and often overlooked.   John, who has manned the Spangler Post office for years, is a critical member of HBS, and has assisted us whenever we have needed him.

At the end of last year, Section E had to say goodbye to Daniel Gwak, a Marine Reservist, who was activated for training followed by a deployment to Afghanistan.  Section E collected bags of items to send to Daniel; the quantity of items would have taken the Section E rep a long time to pack.  John immediately assisted in building boxes, packing, and ensuring accuracy of paperwork.  He even offered to assist in future care packages to Daniel.  His friendliness and superior customer service are hard to come by anymore.

–          Michelle Richards (HBS 2012)

I think the closing of the Spangler Post Office would cause a huge inconvenience for all HBS students.  It definitely makes life easier as a busy HBS student to have conveniences such as the post office, dry cleaning, the Coop, Shad, and other basic services on campus replica breitling bentley 6.75.

I am always blown away by the friendly and positive attitudes of all the HBS staff across campus, but most especially John.  After standing in line and watching students take out their day’s frustrations on him, or point a finger at him for their package that has not arrived, he greets the next customer with an upbeat attitude and a smile.  It’s people like John that I think we take for granted too often at HBS.

–          Courtney Davis (HBS 2012)

Spangler Post Office

Spangler Post Office

I cannot imagine HBS without John at the Spangler post office.  He has the best jokes, Boston accent, and perspective on life!  He is always in a good mood and happy to help me with my postal needs.  I recently was selling some items on Ebay, and John helped me save a lot of money by taking the time to help me choose the most affordable boxes and delivery options.

John also helps me stay connected with life outside the HBS “bubble.”  He quickly updates me on Cambridge and Boston current events as well his own personal stories.

Now John and the Spangler post office need us.  Please help save the HBS post office, which is being considered for closure by the USPS.  Please fill out the USPS survey and drop off at the Spangler post office by November 6 to help show your support, especially since the next closest post office to campus is about a mile away!  It only takes a minute and could make a huge difference.  //hbssa.yolasite.com/resources/Soldiers_Field_USPS_Survey.pdf

– Whitney Gretz (HBS 2012)

November 4, 2011
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