Partners Fight the Winter Blues

Seasonal depression or the winter blues is a real mood disorder where people who have normal mental health experience depressive symptoms in the winter. According to Wikipedia, you may be suffering from the winter blues if you sleep too much, have little energy, or feel depressed. With winter lasting extra long in Boston, it’s easy to see how cold winter days with little sunlight and zero outdoor activity can lead to serious laziness and a feeling of boredom for students and partners. Relying on friends and committing to getting out of the house, can help partners get through the winter months healthy, happy, and sane.

I’m the first to admit to a feeling of “seasonal depression” in the winter. After work when the sun has already set at 5pm, I only want to put on my pajamas and veg on the sofa in front of the TV. Comparatively, when the weather is warm and the sun is shining, I spend my evenings walking the dog, playing tennis, inline skating, or dining al fresco.

In fact, when the last snow storm hit, I refused to hibernate, so I planned in advance with “Another 18 Inches Ice cream Party”. I bought the ice cream and 12 partners brought their favorite toppings including mms, caramel, chocolate cake, walnuts, and whipped cream. Everyone appreciated not being stuck indoors just because of the winter weather.

Despite the freezing temps and piles of snow, partners are fighting the winter blues by organizing monthly small interest groups ranging from arts and crafts to book clubs and cooking clubs. Here are some suggestions from partners:

“Cooking Club” is a fun way to try new recipes and ingredients while catching up with friends and eating delicious food. Each month, the host picks a cooking theme and everyone brings their corresponding dish to share. Themes have included Italian, food on a stick, and breakfast for dinner. – Anna Bonnett

The “Sit and Sew” group is made of partners that like to get together to sew. It is a great opportunity to learn new sewing techniques, learn more about the hobby in general and just spend time sewing in a large spacious work area away from other distractions. The group usually meets in the common room in One Western Avenue. Some of the projects that have been worked on include: hemming and mending, garment construction, quilting, and just learning or teaching. – Michelle Weiss

A group of friends in Section F host “Taco Tuesdays”. What’s hilarious about “Taco Tuesday” is that it’s usually held on a day other than Tuesdays and rarely do we actually eat tacos.  So it’s just a chance for us to get together with some of our favorite people from the section, eat great food and enjoy the company. – Wendy Thomas

“The Bachelor” is a drama-filled Monday night activity. Whether you love the show or not, it’s just a great excuse to hang out with the girls. Plus, we even had an official player draft of all the women before the first episode. If your pick is sent home, you have to bring snacks for the next week. If you are the last woman standing, your prize is none other than a dozen red roses! – Liz Nartker

“Book Swap” meets once a month in a partner’s home. We each bring a book that we have read and we swap it for someone else’s book that we haven’t read. It is amazing how everyone leaves with a great book they are excited to read before next month’s swap. Plus, you get to hear what others have to say about a book before you decide to read it. This twist to the traditional Book Club allows you to read a different book each month without having to buy it or check it out from a library. – Maegan Brown

After a semi-failed (but extremely fun!) attempt at learning poker, the EC partners decided to implement game night. First up: “Bunco!” The dice game is perfect for socializing since it allows for the mixing of teams and table transitioning. After we all declared that a “true Bunco” was impossible, we managed five within one round! The neighbors must have thought we were crazy while shouting “ONE, TWO, THREE”, but a night of fun was had by all! – Laura Durmaskin