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Fenway Park

When you move to a new city so your significant other can start business school, it can be really tough transition to make. As if uprooting your life, leaving family and friends, your job, and everything familiar behind weren’t enough, some of you are going to have a harsh introduction to the winter season you’ve not experienced before. As a native New Englander, I encourage you to brace yourself and buy some good boots.

Another thing that makes relocating to HBS potentially difficult is the fact that your student can get incredibly busy. Between classes, cases, socializing, etc., they can’t always be there to hold your hand during the transition. So how do we go about acclimating to this new place, new people, and new schedule?

When I moved to Boston, one thing that really helped me embrace and get excited about my new city was making a “bucket list” of things I wanted to do while we’re here over the next two years. Somehow, having a whole list of fun things to cross off your list makes a new city seem more approachable, and the excitement of new adventures can take the sting out of missing your old life. The bucket list is also a great way to spend time with all the new people you’re meeting. That way you can get to know them when you aren’t crammed in with 100 other people, screaming at the top of your lungs.

So what’s on my list?

1. Walk the Freedom Trail
2. Take a “Duck Tour”
3. Go to a Bruins Game
4. Go to a Patriots Game
5. Go to a Red Sox Game
6. Go to a Celtics Game
What? Boston has great sports…
7. Get a cannoli from Mike’s Pastries in the North End
I’m pretty impressed I limited myself to one food related item here…
8. Go to a concert at the Hatch Shell
9. Go ice skating at the Frog Pond
10. Row on the Charles River

Yes, some of this stuff is pretty touristy, but when in Rome, right? One of the things that can be so great about Boston is the combination of big city amenities with history and fortunately, many of the items on the bucket list incorporate the two beautifully.

For example, walking the Freedom Trail takes you to see history at Paul Revere’s house, the Bunker Hill Monument, as well as at Faneuil Hall, where you can also do some pretty great shopping (in addition to burning some calories on this 2.5 mile walk).

I’m really looking forward to crossing some of these things off my list, and with winter just a couple months away, I know that finding some ice skates for the Frog Pond is going to be top of my to do list. Fortunately, with a city like Boston, this top 10 is only the tip of the iceberg.


Megan Birkel is the wife of RC student Ryan Birkel and member of the Partners Club. When she’s not working as a Nutritionist she enjoys making a mess in the kitchen, trying to convince her husband to get a dog, hanging out with Section D, and making road trips to Maine to spend time with family.

October 5, 2011
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