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Partner Perspective: 1 Down, 3 To Go…A Semester’s Reflection

Megan BirkelSince this is the last edition of the Harbus until the New Year, I thought really hard about what to write. I looked through all my iPhone photos, hoping something would jog my memory or light the fire of inspiration. I ended up getting distracted and sucked into those photos, occasionally calling to my husband to look and reminiscing on how well the first semester had gone.

Then it hit me. He’s a quarter of the way done. We’re a quarter of the way done. How has ¼ of this experience already gone by? Three semesters left doesn’t seem like so many and it feels like we’ve been here for three years, not three months. The people we’ve met, the friendships we’ve made, and the things we’ve done can’t have transpired in just the span of a few short months replica watches uk. I like living in the bubble…and it seems like before we know it, we’ll have to leave! Before I get all worked up about that though, I wanted to look back at what we’ve done so far. I like to think my iPhone photos tell the story of our life in a nutshell – so here’s how they say this first semester went…

In August we moved into our SFP apartment and ate Chinese food off brand new wedding dishes on top of a table made of cardboard moving boxes. I read my first Wall Street Journal (thanks to whoever leaves those at our door) and got lost in Harvard Square. While it may not sound like a promising start, we had a blast.

In September I sat in on Partners Case Night, went to the Welcome Gala, and let my head spin from all the many, many names and faces I was trying to learn. We cheered on the Red Sox and the Patriots, took long walks along the Charles, and made good friends with J.P. Licks…a relationship that’s sure to last.

October rolled around to the discovery that Ryan was heading to Shanghai in January just before we retreated to Maine with Section D. Baby fever kicked in after spending lots of time with my favorite toddler, Kirkland, and we were able to finally take Ryan to a Bruins game.

November and increasing 2 case days lent itself to trips to the Museum of Science, watching HBS come tantalizing close to defeating IMB’s Watson in Jeopardy, shopping for Holidazzle, and my first Five Guys burger (they don’t have those where we’re from, which means we can never move back).

Now that Thanksgiving is past and recruitment is well under way, I wonder if next semester can live up to the first one. While a lot of this might seem mundane, I think it’s the little things that really make your experience at business school. I know I’ll remember those walks with my husband, dinner dates with new friends, and feeling like I have to whisper while in Spangler long after I forget the hours he spent studying. This first semester was perfectly crazy, new, and was nothing like we thought it would be. It’s sure to be a memory that lasts and an experience like no other. Until next semester…


AUTHOR’S BIOGRAPHY replica breitling

Megan Birkel is the wife of RC student Ryan Birkel and member of the Partners Club. When she’s not working as a Nutritionist she enjoys making a mess in the kitchen, trying to convince her husband to get a dog, hanging out with Section D, and making road trips to Maine to spend time with family.

December 8, 2011
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