Section A issues Warning to Rest of League

Heading into the playoffs this week, Section A has established its strength in the league across both the EC and RC groups. Here are some insights into the Section A secret sauce, and a word of warning for the rest of the league…

New A:

New Section A is looking to continue its athletic consistency in the SA Cup by advancing to the soccer playoffs.  The New Pandas are led by Andy Shore, an import from the land of Her Majesty and a product of Arsenal’s development program, and by Juan Camargo, their captain and 1st team All-HBS Goalie.  After a heartbreaking debut loss, the New Pandas responded with back to back to back victories in their group and have regained their mojo just in time for a playoff run.  Momentum is on the Pandas’ side and they are looking to prove it in the playoffs.

Old A:


What can be said about the OA team that hasn’t already been said about Achilles? At a guess, that we lack vulnerability. This is, of course, assuming two of our star players, David Shear and Casey Taylor, recover from unexplained foot injuries. Unbeaten, nonpareil: so good we qualified top of our group with a game to spare. Just ask OH, who we humiliated 20-3, or why not OJ or OC, who we obliterated 13-8 and 16-6, respectively, with respect. I wish our future opponents the best of luck, for they’ll need it.



Aldi Haryopratomo and Gil Addo are  league coordinators for IM Soccer and Co-Captains of the HBS Soccer Club.

March 28, 2011
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