NG and OI go to the break with the lead in the Race for the Cup

Cup still anyone’s game with over 10,000 points still at stake throughout the Winter Semester!

RC Standings

1.            NG         780

2.            NA          420

3.            NB          370

4.            NE          360

5.            NJ           300

6.            ND          210

7.            NC          160

8.            NF          160

9.            NI           120

10.          NH         0

EC Standings

1.            OI           640

2.            OB          530

3.            OF          380

4.            OE          290

5.            OG         290

6.            OJ           290

7.            OD          260

8.            OH         140

9.            OC          120

10.          OA          40

Behind the leadership of the Athletic Reps and the enthusiasm of sections old and new, the HBS-SA Cup got out to a blazing start throughout the fall semester.  The Flag Football season saw the birth of the ‘EC/RC Championship’ as a must-see event as over 200 spectators made the trek out to watch OI take down NE.  The Volleyball season continued the momentum when the RCs struck back with NG’s victory over defending champs OB in the ‘EC/RC Championship’.   Through both seasons, both the RC and EC leagues saw the creation and growth of a new tradition, one that allows the channeling of that famed HBS competitiveness on the athletic fields.

But the tradition has just begun.  Though there are clear leaders in the standings of both the RC and EC competitions, there are still over 10,000 points up for grabs and the Cup is really anybody’s at this point.  Will your Section show up to play?

Reminder: What is the HBS-SA Cup?

The Cup uses the four classic HBS intramural sports (flag football, volleyball, indoor soccer, and basketball) as a foundation to create a set of parallel (RC and EC), year-long sports competitions.  This flexible platform further allows the addition of one-off events which more obscure sports enthusiasts want to run.

Sports have long been a cornerstone tradition bringing sections together while fueling healthy competition.  The first semester has proven that regardless of your status as a hardcore athlete or just a section supporter, this year the contest becomes even more real, as sections vie not only to win specific intramural leagues, but also to become the first ever HBS-SA Cup champions.  There are clear leaders in both Races now, but who will be the RC and EC sections etched onto the trophies at the end?

One-off events planned* for Spring (each event has approximately 500 points allocated from it):

1. Squash

2. Tennis

3. Swimming

4. Ping-pong

5. Cricket

6. HBS 10k

7. Golf tournament

8. Spinning Challenge

9. Dodgeball

*- all events are probable… please reach out to Luke Owings if you’d like to help organizing

Profile: How did the leaders get their points?

RC Profile

As the lights turned out in Shad’s gym, Cesar Rodarte took one final look at the converted basketball court and smiled, standing tall under the weight of the extra ‘Volleyball Champions’ T-shirts.  Having just led NG to the School Championship over the heavily favored defending champs from OB, Rodarte could feel pride at not victory that day, but at his whole body of work as Athletic Rep of NG.  This body of work bridged all the way from the first day of Flag Football practice through a birth in the RC Flag Football Championship, all the way to the huge Volleyball victory.  As a section, not only did NG make multiple championship games, but also led the league in both number and enthusiasm of cheering sections, a laudable accomplishment as part of a strong RC class.  However, they can’t breathe too lightly, for while holding a lead in the RC ‘Race for the Cup’ is great at the break, there is still plenty of work to fend off the upstarts from around the RC.

EC Profile

Having the best athlete on the field is always a good idea for athletic dominance.  Having the best team of athletes who play together is the recipe for pure dominance.  Nowhere was this clearer than in Kevin Taylor’s leadership of OI to the championship in Flag Football.  Talented on both sides of the ball, the self-proclaimed ‘Incredibles’ rolled through the EC competition and dominated the RCs in the championship.  Using the points garnered during that fall championship as buffer, OI still sits with a 100 point lead in the overall Cup standing, a lead that looks ever more precarious as other sections show their dominance in the indoor sports.  In particular, OE and OF, last year’s RC champions of Indoor Soccer and Basketball respectively, are nipping at the heels of OI as they sit in 3rd and 4th place overall.


January 31, 2011

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