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Halloween at the Dean’s House

Halloween with the Dean 2

Halloween with the Dean 2011

In a joint effort, the Harvard Crimson Kids Club, Dean Nitin Nohria, and his wife Monica hosted one of the largest and most well-attended Halloween events for Harvard Business School families, despite a few challenges and unreliable weather predictions.

At 10 a.m., Monday morning Crimson Kids Committee Chair Vanessa Theurer was watching the weather closely and hopeful that the snow would not pay a visit. The Crimson Kids Club, an organized group that supports Harvard Business School families, had big plans for a Halloween celebration in the dean’s backyard.

This year, the committee planned for a small yet enjoyable party, sans the glitz or glamour. However, one week before the party, committee chair Theurer received an unexpected message from Mrs. Monica Nohria, who expressed interest in helping and offered her backyard.

“We were surprised to have the invitation but more than excited to take Monica up on it,” said Theurer. “She was so excited to decorate the house and have all the children over. It exceeded my expectations; I never thought it could be this chic.”

At 11 a.m., Theurer and Larry Harris, Dean’s House manager, agreed “the show would go on”. Pumpkins lined the sidewalk, witches hung from trees and orange jack-o-lantern balloons floated above black and orange covered tables.  The dessert table was well stocked with personalized Halloween crafted cookies, pies and eye-ball popping cupcakes. “I don’tHalloween with the Dean 1 think our pastry chef has had this much fun preparing for a party,” said Mrs. Nohria. “They did an excellent job, and I thought it was wonderful for the kids. My favorite moment was to see the children rolling on the grass and just enjoying themselves. “

“Everyone is naturally super curious about this house,” said Theurer. “Our attendance for this event has never been this large. This is by far the biggest event of the year.”

There were more than 145 Harvard graduate students, partners and children present. The activities included pin-the-nose on the jack-o-lantern, a parade, a Halloween bag craft and a doughnut-eating contest replica watches. Dean Nitin and Monica were wearing festive Halloween capes and decorative head gear. “This is the first event we’ve had for children in this backyard,” said Harris. “It was very successful.”

International families such as that of HBS Partner Kellie Liket, who does not celebrate Halloween in her hometown of Amsterdam, were happy to attend. “I was very excited that the party would be at the Dean’s house. I live in SFP and look out over his garden and have wondered from day one whether I’d ever be able to enter his house,” said Liket.

The Nohria family posed for pictures with the HBS families and visited with the children; they are the first family in 30 years to occupy the dean’s House. Their desire to be part of the HBS community and support the student families motivated them to live on campus //www.replicaforbest.co.uk/replica-breitling-watches-sale-for-uk.html.  Mrs. Nohria says it is important to have events that promote the family and bring everyone together.

“When we were in school, I remember there were so many families with children and I always wondered how they did it, “said Mrs. Nohria. “I’m so glad the weather worked out so we could have it here. This community is very important to us and I look forward to next year’s celebration which will have to be bigger and better. “

November 9, 2011
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