The HBS Global Impact Experience (GIX)

GIX Lebanon 2011

2011 GIX in Lebanon

You’ve seen the emails, heard from your classmates and maybe from prior participants about the Global Impact Experience (GIX) at HBS. The Harbus sat down with Co-Presidents Anthony Muljadi, Chuma Ajene, and Seif Khoufi to learn more about the GIX and why students should consider this as an integral part of the HBS experience //www.replicaforbest.co.uk/replica-breitling-watches-sale-for-uk.html.

 What is the GIX and what is it really about?

The Global Impact Experience is a student-led and service-driven initiative which has been in existence at HBS since 2009. The overarching mission is provide the HBS community with high-impact opportunities to engage with communities across the world.  This is achieved through projects that are carefully designed to help students share the knowledge gained from the HBS education and prior experience. Projects are structured around small teams (2-5 students) who spend the J-term working on assignments which typically involve helping enterprises in developing countries improve their effectiveness.

 Who should consider a GIX and why?

Every HBS student should consider a GIX. This year, the GIX is open to ECs only given the changes to RC curriculum. ECs should consider a GIX because it offers a solid opportunity to contribute to the development of institutions in emerging and frontier markets. Embarking on a GIX is also a great experience for those who might not have the opportunity to pursue global development-oriented work post-graduation. While the GIX will be focused primarily on helping host institutions become more effective, students will also have the pleasure of getting to know the people, cultures, and norms of the country or region where each GIX will be held.

 How is a GIX different from an IXP? replica watches

GIX Uganda 2011

2011 GIX in Uganda

The GIX differs from the Immersion Experience Program in a few ways.  First, the GIX is effectively student-run, so in all cases, students who embark on a GIX will do so as a group of students-only. However, teams can solicit the sponsorship of a Professor, especially if the team intends to use the GIX as part of a winter term independent project.  The GIX is also at near-zero costs to students, with the host institutions underwriting the costs of travel, accommodation, and in some cases, a stipend to help cover meals, commuting expenses, etc. On the other hand, the GIX, just like the IXP, demands a significant level of commitment from students. Those who decide to be part of a GIX project will be expected to spend time in the fall semester preparing for the project to ensure maximum impact from Day 1 of the GIX.

 For students who want to get a more vivid understanding of the GIX, what did last year’s GIX participants have to say about their experiences?

The feedback from last year’s participants was very positive. Students embarked on trips to Colombia, Gambia, India, Lebanon, Morocco, and Turkey while project work involved topics from marketing strategy to business planning. Students found the experience helped them build client and project management skills, adapt their leadership styles to fit foreign contexts, and build on their teamwork skills through working closely with other HBS students.  Across the board, there was strong consensus that the GIX was a powerful complement to the HBS classroom experience.

  Anything else students should know as they consider a 2012 J-term GIX?

Yes. Everyone is welcome to attend the GIX Info Session on September 22 at Aldrich 107, 4pm. We will be going over the potential 2012 GIX projects and answering additional questions. Participants from last year’s GIX will also be sharing accounts of their experiences. Following the info session, we will be sending out an interest poll and begin the matching and selection process. By the second week of October, we expect that most of the GIX teams will be finalized and can begin working with the host organizations on project preparation. Finally, students can get real-time updates by following the GIX on twitter: @HBSGIX2012

September 19, 2011
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