Gay Boston

Calamus book storeWhether you’re new to Boston or new to gay, welcome! I have lived in Boston (well, Cambridge) with my wife for almost 5 years and, in the process, have come to discover some of the best things Boston has to offer. One of the greatest things about Boston is Massachusetts //, which provides you with a lot more legal protections than most other states. Since gay marriage has been legal here since 2004, it’s kind of old news. My experience has been that people for the most part aren’t concerned if you’re gay, straight, bi, trans, purple, whatever, which for many gays can be a refreshing change.

If you’re in the mood for brunch and have the time to trek down to the South End, I highly recommend Gaslight. The brunch prix fixe at $9.95 is easily the best deal in town and the food is phenomenal (my favorite is the Vanilla French Toast) replica watches. If you happen to have a free afternoon and want to spend some time in one of the country’s best gay book stores, head on downtown to Calamus, which features an incredible selection of books as well as author events!

If you are looking for nightlife, Boston has some good options. Surprisingly though, Boston has a distinct lack of real gayGas Light Dining Room bars (by real, I mean a bar that is gay 24 x 7, as opposed to a bar that features a gay night). Because of this, weeknights in Boston were relatively sparse, but thanks to Guerrilla Queer Bar, that has all changed. Guerrilla Queer Bar is a local movement that aims to expand nightlife options to the gay community. To find out more, check out their website or Facebook page.

If you prefer the more traditional route, there are some weeknight options. The Estate near Park Street offers a mixed crowd on Thursdays. Dbar in Dorchester also offers a mixed crowd most nights. If you are into sports, check out Fritz, Boston’s best gay sports bar in the South End. For the ladies: Check out ZuZu Tuesdays, in Central Square, and all the time check out the Milky Way or Midway Café, both in Jamacia Plain. For the gentleman: Check out Thursdays at Daedelus, and all the time check out Paradise, which is between MIT and Central Square, and Club Café in Backbay. If you’re looking for some good old fashioned drag be sure to check out Jacques Cabaret for some of the best hair, make-up, and heals you’ve ever seen.

Boston offers plenty of good literature, food, music, and dance. You’re only here for two short years, so I hope you get to enjoy it all while you have the chance!



Catherine (Katie) Leary Tomezsko is the General Manager of The Harbus.  She can be found on twitter @CTomezsko