Don’t Drop the Grenade! Seriously…Don’t.

Hand GrenadeManaging your commitments at work and school can often make you feel like you are juggling lots of priorities.  Imagine yourself juggling three things:  bouncy balls, eggs, and grenades. That is exactly how I imagine and manage my commitments.

We all know that we don’t want to drop the grenades.  Boom!  These are the projects and commitments that are crucial to your current life or future  Dropping a grenade could lead to you getting fired, a relationship being destroyed, or other dire consequences.  Major presentations, your friend’s weddings (your own is more like an atomic bomb), and an exam are all examples of grenades.

Unlike grenades, when eggs drop, it isn’t catastrophic, but you are definitely going to have a mess on your hands.  Examples of dropping an egg are missing an important project milestone, finding a major bug in a computer program, or standing up a good friend or date for dinner.  The worst part about dropping eggs is that you have to clean up the mess while you keep juggling.

Bouncy balls are the most forgiving of commitments.  These are minor tasks at work or school.  Forgetting a poll for class isn’t the end of your class participation grade replica breitling Aeromarine .  While you shouldn’t try and drop these balls, it’s ok if it happens every once in a while.  Eventually if you drop a lot of bouncy balls, then everyone will know you’re not a good juggler; that you’re unreliable and not on the top of your game.  This can be just as bad as dropping a few eggs.

Make sure you don’t overload yourself, especially at the beginning of your time here at HBS.  Like any performer, you’ll get better at juggling your commitments the more you practice appropriately prioritizing and managing your commitments.  Next time you think about what should you do next, don’t forget to think about what you’re juggling and what happens if something drops.

AUTHOR’S BIOGRAPHY replica breitling bentley 6.75

 Michael Hearne is an expert juggler, tightrope walker, lion tamer, and all around good guy.