Competitive Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkins in a row by Haley DiNunzio
by Haley DiNunzio

On the Friday before Halloween, the students, spouses, and children of Section H gathered for their first-annual pumpkin-carving contest.


Fueled by over-sized bags of Halloween candy and cider, the handpicked carving dream-teams chose their tools and their pumpkin  The competition heated up when it was announced that the winning team would receive two gift cards to Starbucks.  I was in it to win it.

The H social reps, Morgan and Alex, began the festivities by giving stencils to each of the teams.   All participants surrounded a newspaper-covered pool table trying to intimidate each other.  As I flipped through the stencils I realized that if I wanted to win this contest, I would need to think outside the box and carve something original.

My carving partner, Kevin, and I decided to carve the HBS crest with an “H” in the middle (showing team spirit for Section H and the University).  Midway through the carving, we discovered another team at the other end of the table carving the same exact thing! My competitive nature immediately kicked in, and I had to think fast in order to differentiate our pumpkin.  I was channeling Claire Dunphey from Modern Family, if you know what I mean.

There happened to be an HBS crest above one of the doorways in the carving room, and I noticed the intricate leaves that surrounded the crest replica breitling Aeromarine .  As ridiculous as it sounds, I looked at Kevin, told him what I needed to do, and went to work.  After almost a half hour of carving out little leaves, our pumpkin was complete.  It was time to vote.

Pumpkin Carving Group Shot by Haley DiNunzio
by Haley DiNunzio

We lined up the pumpkins, lit by smart phone flashlight apps (of course) and walked around to each of them voting by sticking a miniature carving knife into the pumpkin we liked best replica breitling bentley 6.75.  There was a tie between our “H” and another team’s outline of a spooky house.  We voted once more, but only for the top two.  I lost by one pumpkin-carving tool.  I have to hand it to the winning team; their carving was immaculately executed, whereas my beloved shield was a bit lopsided.

The pumpkin carving event was probably my favorite Section H event thus far.  It was fun, festive, slightly competitive, and a great way for all of us to meet the little ones from our section.  Happy (belated) Halloween!

Winning Pumpkin by Haley DiNunzio
by Haley DiNunzio