2011 HBS Flag Football Playoff Preview

photo by Derek Shi

After an intense 5-game regular season replica watches, the IM Flag Football playoffs are finally here!  Which sections have the firepower to win the first major sporting event of this year’s SA Cup?

 RC Teams:

 NA (Regular Season 4-1, odds to win 12.5-to-1):  The Panda Express is anchored by the league’s number one defensive unit, leading the league points against (13 ppg).  Defensively, Captain Meka Asonye and MLB Eric Anderson spearhead the fearsome group known as “The Steel Curtain.”  Offensively, QB Mike Diverio has an embarrassment of riches //, with speedsters Tom Barr, Cliff Adams, and Shwan Kazzaz conjuring comparisons to the ‘Greatest Show on Turf.’ 

 NI (Regular Season 4-1, odds to win 30-t0-1):  Section I closed out its march to the postseason with a win over NB on Monday. Showing all the dynamism of a young Shane Falco, and featuring slightly better hair, QB Aaron Byrd connected with receiver Ben Safran on a series of touchdowns and Section I of the Tiger never looked back. “We’re excited to make the playoffs, but we still have to find the Billy Bob of the team to design the OOPTY-OOP! ” said captain Benoit Fredette.

photo by Derek Shi

NG (Regular Season 3-2, odds to win 50-to-1):  Coached by former NFL running back Clifton Dawson, the New G Griffins are looking to make some noise in the playoffs.  Offensive coach Anthony Fedele and Pat “clubhouse guy” Griffin at QB have led the offense, while Coach Pedro Noyola’s defense has been explosive in recent weeks, featuring Kevin Boakye, Regan Turner, and Cass Gilmore.  The Griffins have their eyes set on the championship this year, with cries of “Whose house? OUR HOUSE”. As Coach Dawson would say: “Now that’s sustainable.”


 ND (Regular Season 4-1, odds to win 8-to-1):  Section D has bounced back from a tough opening loss to NE by tallying four straight wins en route to a #1 seed in the playoffs.  ND is not afraid of the big moment, with every win being decided late in the game. Led by the best fans in all of HBS, Section D is primed and ready for a long playoff run. Offensive leaders are Michael Porter, Terry Connell, Vinay Kashyap, and Erika Olson. Defensive MVPs are Jonah Wagner, Alex Livingston, and Chris Shilling.  WHOSE HOUSE? D’S HOUSE!

  EC Teams:

photo by Derek Shi

OG (Regular Season 4-1, odds to win 4-to-1):  OG heads into the playoffs with the league’s most dominating season, outscoring opponents 154 – 51.  QB Cam Dunn is a true gunslinger, and with a star-studded cast of wide receivers in Okechukwu Linton, Patrick Conroy, and Jon Choa, it’s not surprising that this offense puts together long sustainable drives every time they get the ball.  On how to beat OG, Mark Yocum (OA), commented “Cam Dunn may be the best QB in the league.  If you rush him and force him to throw under pressure, he might make some mistakes, but I wouldn’t count on it.”

OB (Regular Season 4-1, odds to win 4-to-1):  OB sports the fastest team and highest-powered offense in the league, scoring an absurd 35 ppg.  Patrick Pierce and Andy Miller provide deep threats with Matt Perkins providing a solid target.  The real test is stopping QB Ted Taylor, arguably the fastest player in the game.  On how to beat OB, Stan Finch (OI) commented, “Taylor is the player to watch … watch him run right by you, that is.  With electrifying speed and (often unnecessary) spin moves, he can make defenses look silly.  Opponents should

photo by Derek Shi

consider an alternative approach … spiking his pre-game Gatorade.”

OE (Regular Season 4-1, odds to win 5-to-1):  Defending champions, OE, are suited to repeat this year given the return of so many veterans from last year. Touting a defense, led by Tanner Gardner, that holds opposing teams to a mere 11 points per game and an offense that has outscored opponents by an average of two touchdowns a game, OE will be tough to beat. Core to that offense are veteran quarterback, Freddy Flaxman, who leads all QBs in the league with 17 combined touchdowns and veteran receiver Rob Woods.  For teams to have a chance of stealing the show from OE, they will have to pressure Flaxman into throwing much shorter routes and contain his ability to scramble.

photo by Derek Shi

OC (Regular Season 3-2, odds to win 25-to-1):  The dark horse on the EC side of the bracket, OC looks to continue what could be a dramatic Cinderella run deep into the playoffs.  QB Ryan Gustafson put together a great season, but this team will only go as far as star-wideout Brain McIntosh can carry them.  Asked about OC’s playoff chances, Frank Chisholm (OH) replied, “They love the deep ball and Brian McIntosh aka B-Mac is as quick as they get.  Don’t be distracted by their never-ending crying to the ref.”

Prediction:  OG defeats NA to win the title


October 27, 2011
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